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Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (2022)

In New York City, there’s a magician named Hector P. Valenti who really wants to be on a big talent show. But every time he tries, he gets rejected. One day, after a try that didn’t work out, he goes into a exotic pet store. In there, he finds a baby crocodile that can sing. Hector names him Lyle and thinks he can make lots of money using him. To try, Hector puts his big house up as , but things go bad. Lyle gets scared on stage, and they lose the house. Hector has to leave, and Lyle is left alone.

A while later, a family named Joseph, Katie, and their son Josh move into the house. Josh is scared at first but then finds Lyle in the attic. They become friends when Lyle saves Josh and shows his singing skill. Josh’s parents get used to Lyle too. One day, Hector comes back to see Lyle, as they had a deal that he could stay in the house for a few days each year. Hector tries again to get Lyle on stage, but it doesn’t work, except when they perform for the Primms.

A disgruntled neighbor, Alistair Grumps, doesn’t like the noise from Lyle, Hector, and the Primms. He tries to stop it and finds out by using cameras. He makes Hector betray Lyle for money to pay his debts. Lyle can’t prove he’s good because he gets scared on stage, and they lock him up in the zoo. Feeling bad, Hector goes to free him with help from Josh, who was mad at Hector for selling out Lyle. They make up, and Lyle escapes to the talent show, where he does great with Josh’s help.

Later, there’s a trial to decide if Lyle can be free. The judge rules for Lyle when Hector shows a paper saying his grandma, who made the house and started the zoo, can have any special pet. After the trial, the Primms are happy, and Grumps has to leave. They all go on vacation, and Hector meets a new talented animal, a rattlesnake named Malfoy, owned by Josh’s friend Trudy.

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