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Laila Majnu 2018

Belonging to a reputed family in town, Laila is a flirt who likes to tease boys who are attracted to her. She meets Qais, a boy belonging to a rich family. Despite ongoing legal disputes between their families, the two fall for each other instantly. But when Laila’s family finds out about their relationship, they fix her marriage with Ibban, her father’s political assistant. Even though Laila waits for Qais to convince her father, she breaks up with him when he talks disrespectfully to her father. Qais tells her that he would not follow her anymore and asks her to find him if she ever need him.

After four years, Qais returns from London for his father’s funeral. He avoids meeting Laila but Laila who is regularly abused by her drunkard husband, who is now the MLA, decides to meet Qais. When she sees him, she realises that he was struggling all these years with her memories, making him a different person. Laila stands up to her husband and they decide to get divorced. Laila asks Qais to wait till her divorce. However, before the divorce, her husband dies in a road accident. Laila decides to run away with Qais on the day of the funeral but her father asks her not to and promises her that she could marry him after a few weeks. Laila again asks Qais to wait for her.

Qais who had been waiting for years for her, gets a feeling that he will never get united with her and this thought makes him eccentric. He begins to have hallucinations of Laila, he talks to her and eventually runs off to a mountain. His family, friends and Laila, searches for him for days but he is still missing. Qais however thinks that Laila is with him and starts a life with her in the mountain. He is caught by some people and is brought back to his house. There he recognises Laila but also says that Laila is not one person but she is everywhere and points to different directions.

Laila realises that she has lost him forever and dies of the grief. A completely insane Qais runs to her burial ground, falls and get severely injured. He however gets up and looks at Laila, running towards a mountain and smile.

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