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Khoobsurat (2014)

Mrinalini “Mili” Chakravarty is a physiotherapist who works for the Kolkata Knight Riders. Her loud Punjabi mother Manju hopes that she will find a suitable and charming man to marry. Her services are called upon by a royal family in Rajasthan where King Shekhar Singh Rathore is paralyzed from the waist down. She is told that 40 doctors have already left a demanding job.

Mili travels to the royal palace and meets the discipline-oriented queen, Nirmala Devi Rathore, who is not amused by Mili’s enthusiasm and clumsiness. Mili finds that her casual way of living clashes with the strict discipline of the royal household. She meets the prince, Vikram Singh Rathore, whose distant personality makes him similar to his parents. Mili befriends Divya Rathore, the youngest child princess of the family, and encourages her passion for cinema against the family’s wishes that she study business management.

Shekhar avoids the exercises Mili prescribes and she turns to Vikram for help. He gives Mili the same answer that Nirmala gave her – if she can’t stand the heat, might as well get out of the kitchen. Mili becomes frustrated and tells them that they should be helping Shekhar, accusing them of being stubborn, rigid and self-centered.

Mili is about to leave when she learns from Ram Sevak, Shekhar’s trusted servant, that Shekhar’s injury came from a car accident that killed his eldest son. The queen’s demeanor changed due to his paralysis and the responsibilities thrust upon her, and the once-happy atmosphere of the royal household came to its present state. Mili shames Shekhar into getting over his guilt and tries to befriend him through conversation and video games, and encourages him to talk about the car accident.

Mili sees improvements after 2–3 months with Shekhar, who persuades Vikram to take Mili with him to Surajgarh Palace. They spend some time together, and the prince leaves for a meeting while she shops. Mili is kidnapped; when Vikram saves her, they share a kiss. Though they agree to set aside their attraction, the two start falling in love. Mili confesses her love for him but Vikram refuses to acknowledge it, saying that they come from two different stocks; he is also engaged to a lady of his status, Kiara.

Divya runs away for film auditions in Jaipur. Mili informs Nirmala that she knew about Divya’s plans, and is ordered out of the palace, heartbroken over Vikram’s rejection. Divya returns and tells Nirmala that she came back because of Mili. Shekhar then surprises Nirmala by rising to his feet and admitting that he saw Divya run away. He tells her that this is what Mili has been trying to teach them: to love life as it is. Vikram breaks off his engagement with Kiara and confesses his love for Mili; his parents give their blessing and send him to find her in Delhi.

Vikram eventually finds Mili at a paintball arena, and declares his love for her. Covered in paint, he wins her mother’s approval by proposing in her style. They are married, with Mili given the title of “The Royal Misfit”.

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