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Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham… (2001)

Yashvardhan “Yash” Raichand is a multimillionaire business tycoon. He lives in Delhi with his wife Nandini, his two sons Rahul and Rohan as well as his mother and mother-in-law. Their household is highly patriarchal and strictly follows traditions due to their lineage. Yash entrusts both his sons to follow the patriarchal traditions such as; attending boarding school at young age, going to university for MBA degree, and parents choosing their children’s spouses from the same income class. Rahul was adopted by Yash and Nandini at birth. This is known to everyone in the household except Rohan.

Adult Rahul returns home after completing his studies in London, and falls in love with the vivacious Anjali from Chandni Chowk. Rahul learns shortly that she reciprocates his love. However, since she is from a low-income background, his father would never approve of the match. During this time, Rohan, still a child, is sent to boarding school as part of their family tradition. Yash announces his desire for Rahul to marry Naina, Rahul’s higher-class childhood friend. She later knows that he is much in love with Anjali and not her.

After knowing of Anjali, Yash is enraged due to her status. Rahul promises not to marry her. However, he learns that Anjali and her sister Pooja’s father has died, leaving them both orphaned. He spontaneously marries her despite Yash’s hostility. When he brings her home, Yash disowns Rahul reminding him of his adopted status. Hurt by this, Rahul bids a tearful goodbye with Nandini and leaves home. Rohan never finds out the truth of why Rahul left home.

10 years later, Rohan returns home from boarding school; he finally learns from his grandmothers why Rahul left and the fact that he is adopted. Seeing the pain that this separation has brought upon his parents, Rohan vows to reunite the family. He learns that Rahul, Anjali, and Pooja have moved to London; he travels there, lying to Yash by pursuing his further studies for an MBA degree. Rahul and Anjali have a young son, Krish.

Pooja is an ultra-modern diva studying at King’s College London. She and Rohan, who were childhood friends in the past after Rahul and Anjali fell in love, reunite. She supports him in his quest to bring Rahul and Anjali back home. Rohan poses as Pooja’s friend’ brother from India. Rahul lets him live with them after Rohan introduces himself as “Yash” to hide the truth: Rahul doesn’t recognise his immensely-changed now-adult brother seeing him after so many years.

Meanwhile, Rohan and Pooja grow closer and develop feelings for one another. Eventually, Rahul finally realises that Rohan aka “Yash” is his brother after he gave Krish the same advice that Rahul had given him years ago. Rohan begs him to come home but he refuses, reminding him of what Yash said. Rohan invites Yash and Nandini to London and arranges a covert reunion to bring them all to the same mall. Nandini and Rahul have an emotional reunion. Rahul refuses to see his father. However Yash is enraged at Rohan when he sees Rahul, Anjali and Pooja with him and their confrontation does not go well. Yash is enraged with Rohan and he slaps him across the face for taunting him about his ego and being heartless towards Rahul.

Nandini stands up to Yash for the first time, telling him he did wrong by disowning Rahul and breaking the family. After their grandmother’s death, Rohan and Pooja convince Rahul and Anjali to come home. Nandini gives them a proper welcome; When Rahul goes up to Yash, Yash admits his wrongdoing of disowning Rahul and tearfully asks for forgiveness, telling Rahul that he had always loved him. Rahul forgives Yash, who subsequently apologizes to Rohan for keeping him away from Rahul for so many years, and Anjali for not approving their marriage at the time. Rohan and Pooja who had fallen in love, later get married. The family holds a belated celebration of Rahul and Anjali’s wedding—thus living happily together and also celebrated Rohan and Pooja’s wedding.

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