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Download Vikram (2022) 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

Download Vikram (2022) 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

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Vikram (2022) Plot

Police Chief Jose summons Amar and his black-ops team to bring justice to a group of masked vigilantes responsible for the deaths of Stephen Raj (recently released following his arrest three months earlier for helping gangsters Adaikalam and Anbu),[a] ACP Prabhanjan and his foster father Karnan. Amar leads the investigation by digging into Karnan’s life as his murder seems out of place because Karnan was an ordinary man, while the other two were high officials in the NCB.

Amar learns about Karnan’s recent addiction to alcohol, drugs, and prostitutes, and that he was very protective of his infant foster grandson. Amar also finds out about two missing containers of narcotics. Sandhanam, who runs a much bigger drug syndicate than Adaikalam, named Vetti Vagaiyara, is searching for the containers. His cold-blooded smuggler boss, ‘Rolex’, whose identity is unknown, was meant to receive the containers. Furthermore, Amar learns that Rolex would help Sandhanam form his government if the drugs were delivered. Otherwise, Rolex will kill Sandhanam and his family. Amar slowly figures out that all of Karnan’s addictions were a ruse to cover up a highly covert operation he had been running.

Meanwhile, Veerapandian, a PWD officer, and a contractor named Rudra Prathap plan to bring the drug containers to Sandhanam. However, the masked vigilantes arrive and kill Veerapandian at a theatre. Amar and his team capture one of the vigilantes, revealed to be Bejoy. Bejoy reveals his family was killed for his role in leading the Trichy drug bust [a], leading him to join the vigilantes. Amar and his team realise Rudra Prathap is the next target, and they sneak into Rudra Prathap’s daughter’s wedding ceremony. Rudra Prathap invites Sandhanam for protection. However, the masked men, along with their leader arrive at Rudra Prathap’s daughter’s wedding and threaten him. The leader drags Rudra Prathap and escapes on a bike, leaving the other members to deal with Sandhanam, but Sandhanam defeats them.

Amar chases the leader down, who is revealed to be Karnan, having faked his death. Karnan kills Rudra Prathap by slitting his throat and escapes the police. Amar reveals to Jose that Karnan is actually Vikram, the former commander of the black ops squad’s pilot batch of 1986. After a botched mission, the government hunted and brutally killed all squad members and their families; only Vikram and three other team members survived. Amar also figures that Jose is Sandhanam’s mole in the department and is involved in Prabhanjan’s death. Amar orchestrates a bomb blast at Sandhanam’s house, which destroys his bungalow and drug lab. Jose gets wind of this and informs Sandhanam in the nick of time. Everyone except Sandhanam’s brother Elango is evacuated from the blast site in time. Jose reveals Vikram and Amar’s identities to Sandhanam.

Vikram arrives at the prison and frees Bejoy and his team. Vikram reveals that the reason for actions is not vengeance over Prabhanjan’s death but a mission to bust the drug syndicate in the city. He also admits that Prabhanjan is his own biological son. Sandhanam murders Amar’s wife Gayathri and sends his men to attack and kill Vikram’s daughter-in-law and grandson at Prabhanjan’s house. Vikram rushes to save them, but the gang kills a team member of Vikram’s black ops squad, Agent Tina, who was disguised as the house help Valiamma. Jose is killed by a vengeful Amar. Vikram and his grandson reach Chennai Port, where the hidden containers are stored. Sandhanam learns about the containers’ location and attacks Vikram. Vikram mows down Sandhanam’s men with a cannon and an M2 Browning, but the remaining members of his black ops squad, Agents Uppiliappan and Lawrence die in the scuffle. After a fistfight with Sandhanam, Vikram triggers a huge blast at the port that kills Sandhanam and destroys the drug containers.

In an epilogue, in Sassoon DocksMumbai, Adaikalam and Anbu arrive with their men. They meet up with the gangsters affiliated with Sandhanam for a meeting with Rolex. Adaikalam and Anbu explain Dilli’s involvement in the Trichy drug ambush [a], and Sandhanam’s men reveal Vikram and Amar’s involvement in destroying their drug syndicate. It is shown that Amar joins Vikram’s gang after Gayathri’s funeral in Ernakulam to continue the fight against drugs. Anbu informs Rolex that Dilli is currently hiding somewhere in Uttar Pradesh while Sandhanam’s men tell him that Vikram’s family is somewhere abroad (shown to be San Francisco). Rolex announces a massive bounty for the execution of Amar, Dilli, and Vikram’s team. Unknown to everybody else, Vikram is also present at the meeting and walks away with determination after learning about the bounty placed on all of them.

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