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Tumse Na Ho Payega (2023) Plot

Gaurav Shukla is a 28 years aged individual who is frustrated with his job. He narrates his story to the audience while the story keeps continuing. He introduces his two best friends Sharad Malhotra “Mal” and Hardik Vaghela. At the pub, they met Gaurav’s childhood crush, Devika & Arjun Kapoor, Devika’s boyfriend . Since their School Days Arjun has been a Topper & they were backbenchers. Gaurav while peeing at the office washroom was shouting at his frustrated life and decides to leave the company, Which his Boss Overhears while peeing. His boss first tried to convince him then fired him from the office. Arjun’s Mother “Anu Aunty”has come over to Gaurav’s home to show off his Son’s Promotion but after hearing that Gaurav has left the job (as announced by gaurav himself) started gossiping about it. Anu Aunty is a society Self -Appointed Gurdian who only gossips and judge children on their success and failure. Gaurav’s Crush and his friends only know that he had been fired from the job.

At Arjun’s Promotion party Gaurav shared his unique startup idea to his friends about delivering homemade food for office going bachelors. In earlier days he used to carry a tiffin for his ex colleague. He along with Mal and Devika then started delivering Boxes to their respective offices (Gaurav for Devika and his office). The idea started to work & both of them started to target areas by expanding their business, and they succeed in this process and organise a party where Arjun again making fun of them. They decided to show Arjun what they can do.

They meet investors and appointed Few staff and develop a app where if a person opens the app they will find mom’s around 2km will deliver food. Things started to get messed as their Investor runs the company like the way Gaurav was working earlier. The company begins to lose its touch as it fires the main chef (which were the mothers) and hired professionals. The quality started falling and the company lost its customer, then the duo had an argument with the Investor and decided to return his invested amount but they got to know that they have to return money upon company valuation which is 10 crore 50 lakh. With returning the amount only left with 10 lakh decided to give the employee the last salary.

Now the investor has conspired against Gaurav and Mal and they have arrested. In jail they got offer from Arjun’s company to sell the company on 30 crore although Mal agreed but Gaurav did not. They had a quarrel and upon getting bailed by vaghela they get separated.

Gaurav again unemployed started looking for a job and Mal also return to his previous job. Then one day his mother gave her Provident Fund & Gratuity to restart the business. Anu aunty had cae over to Gaurav’s house to tell him that he will once again be failure but Gaurav and his mother shouts at her and asked to leave the house. Gaurav does so and once again become successful. He started making things like previous. He proposed to Devika and also tells that she has to reply before he had a meeting with the Investors as he feels that he always have a doubt if Devika says after a successful meeting.

So next day Devika accepted Gaurav’s proposal and investors agreed to Gaurav’s clause making him successful both professional and personal. He brings back Mal and repays all their loan. He also jealous Arjun by dancing with Devika In front of him.

Meanwhile Anu aunty has announced that his has joined Harvard for further studies will now earn in dollars and sent a sweet box to Gaurav’s mother but she replies that “Arjun is a just a student and Gaurav is his Teacher”. In London Arjun’s Class teacher invites Gaurav and Mal as their Special Guest and asked for a speech. They deliver the speech while mocking Arjun.

It explores the contrast between living for oneself and conforming to societal expectations, ultimately questioning whether Gaurav’s belief in pursuing his dreams will triumph over society’s persistent message of ‘You Can’t Do It’.

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