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Tiger 3 480p,720,1080p Quality

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Tiger 3 Plot

In 1999, a young Zoya lives with her father Rehan Nazar and is being trained by him to fight. One day, Nazer gets killed in a car bomb blast. After his funeral, Zoya is visited by a man named Aatish Rehman, Nazar’s protege, who convinces her to join the ISI.

In the present day, Avinash “Tiger” Singh Rathore leads a happy life with Zoya and his son Junior. Tiger is called for a mission by the new RAW Chief Maithili Menon to rescue his former handler Gopi Arya, who was captured while trying to extract information about a dangerous mission being planned by Pakistan. Tiger manages to rescue Gopi and takes him back to India. However, Gopi succumbs to the brutal injuries he sustained during the mission. Before dying, Gopi reveals that Zoya is also a part of the mission, which shocks Tiger and prompts him to start spying on her. Tiger is later assigned on another mission to safeguard a RAW agent named Jibran Sheikh in Russia. Sheikh possess confidential information regarding Pakistan’s mission and had escaped to Russia when he and Gopi were exposed.

Tiger learns that Zoya has been assigned to assassinate Sheikh, but he manages to save him and confronts her. Tiger later gets captured and is taken to Aatish, who is revealed to be an ex-ISI agent. He reveals to Tiger that he had forced Zoya to take the mission by holding Junior[a] hostage. Tiger and Zoya are then forced to leave to Istanbul and steal a briefcase containing PAL codes of a missile. Tiger manages to steal the briefcase with the help of his RAW team and gives it to Zoya, who in turn hands it to Aatish. Tiger and Zoya are later framed as traitors by their respective countries and Aatish then has Tiger imprisoned in Pakistan.

It is later revealed that Aatish holds a grudge against Tiger and Zoya. 12 years earlier, during a peace treaty between India and Pakistan in Vienna, Aatish created a plan to assassinate the Indian Army General and stop the peace treaty. He had assigned Zoya for the mission, but she refused. Aatish told his men to escort her to her room. On the way, Zoya dialed a random number of a RAW agent’s room which Tiger picked up and got informed of the assassination plan. Aatish’s pregnant wife Shaheen Baig offered to go instead of Zoya but was shot and killed by Tiger. Aatish took the blame upon himself and was imprisoned and stripped of his duties.

Tiger is given the death penalty, but manages to escape with the help of Pathaan. He travels to Islamabad and meets Hassan,[a] who now works as a hacker. Tiger’s team, Zoya and her fellow ISI agents Abrar and Javed arrive in Istanbul, where they learn about Aatish’s plan to assassinate Nasreen Irani, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, in order to become the next Prime Minister. Pakistan Army General Imtiaz Haq is also in cahoots with Aatish. Tiger, Zoya and their team secretly enter the PMO, and they reveal Aatish and Haq’s plans to Irani.

Tiger and Zoya take Irani to a safe place and Tiger forces Haq to reveal the truth to the media. However, Aatish secretly kills Haq with the help of Javed, who is later revealed to be Shaheen’s brother, and frames Tiger for killing Haq. Abrar and Tiger’s teammate Karan are also killed by Aatish and Javed. Aatish and Javed arrive to kill Irani at the safe place, but Tiger and Zoya manage to help Irani escape, and Hassan and Javed are killed. Tiger and Aatish engage in hand-to-hand combat, and Tiger gains the upper hand and kills Aatish. Aatish’s crimes are revealed by Irani to the public and Tiger, Zoya and their team are proven innocent. In the aftermath, Tiger and Zoya return to their normal lives and Tiger assures Menon that he will always be there to serve his country.

In the post-credits sceneColonel Sunil Luthra calls Major Kabir Dhaliwal and assigns him a mission to assassinate a notorious anonymous person.


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