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In 1630s New England, English settler William and his family—wife Katherine, teenage daughter Thomasin, preteen son Caleb, and young fraternal twins Mercy and Jonas—are banished from a Puritan settlement over a religious dispute. They build a farm near a large, secluded forest, and Katherine bears her fifth child, Samuel. While under Thomasin’s care, Samuel abruptly disappears. It is soon revealed that a witch has stolen and killed Samuel to use his body to make a flying ointment.[12][13]

Devastated by the loss, Katherine spends her days crying and praying. William takes Caleb hunting in the woods, where Caleb wonders if the unbaptized Samuel went to Heaven. In response, William discloses that he secretly traded Katherine’s prized silver cup for hunting supplies. At the farm, the twins play with the family’s billy goat, Black Phillip, who the children say talks to them. Katherine blames Thomasin for misplacing her silver cup and holds her responsible for the loss of Samuel. That night, the children overhear their parents arguing about their possible starvation, and making plans to send Thomasin away to serve another family.

The next morning, Thomasin and Caleb sneak into the forest to check a trap. Their dog Fowler chases a hare, with Caleb in pursuit; the hare frightens their horse, which throws Thomasin to the ground and knocks her unconscious. Caleb becomes lost and discovers Fowler’s disemboweled body. Delving further into the thicket, he discovers a hovel from which the witch, disguised as a seductive young woman, emerges and kisses him. Thomasin awakes and finds her way home by following William’s voice. As Katherine berates Thomasin for taking Caleb into the woods, William defends Thomasin by reluctantly admitting that he sold the cup.

That night, Caleb returns to the farm naked, delirious, and mysteriously ill. Katherine suggests that Caleb has fallen victim to witchcraft and prays for him. The next day, Caleb goes into violent convulsions and passionately proclaims his love for Christ before dying peacefully. The twins accuse Thomasin of practicing witchcraft, but she in turn accuses the two of them for their supposed conversations with Black Phillip. Angered by his children’s behavior, William locks them in the goat house.

In the middle of the night, the twins and Thomasin awake to find the witch drinking the blood of a nanny goat. In the house, Katherine has a hallucinatory vision in which Caleb and Samuel have returned. In her dream, she takes Samuel and nurses him, but in reality, a raven is pecking at her breast. At dawn, William finds the goat stable destroyed, the goats eviscerated, the twins missing, and an unconscious Thomasin with bloodied hands. As she stirs, Black Phillip gores and kills William. An unhinged Katherine blames Thomasin for everything that has happened and tries to strangle her. In self-defense, Thomasin tearfully kills her mother with a billhook.

Now alone, Thomasin enters the goat house and urges Black Phillip to speak to her. The goat responds in a human voice and materializes into a handsome, black-clad man. He tells Thomasin to remove her clothes and sign her name in a book, promising the life she has always wanted. Thomasin, accompanied by Black Phillip as a goat, then enters the forest nude, where she finds a coven holding a Witches’ Sabbath around a bonfire. The witches begin to levitate, and Thomasin joins them, laughing or possibly crying as she ascends above the trees.

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