The Killer 2023 - 720p + 1080p Web-DL x265 10bit HEVC Hin+Tam+Tel+ Eng

The Killer 2023 – 720p + 1080p Web-DL x265 10bit HEVC Hin+Tam+Tel+ Eng

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The Killer Movie Plot

An unnamed skillful professional assassin (credited as “The Killer”) stakes out a Parisian hotel room. He prepares to kill (with a sniper rifle) a target who will check into the hotel room at an unspecified time. While waiting for the target, he practices yoga, eats, listens to the Smiths, and talks with his handler, an attorney named Hodges, on the phone. The killer narrates about most of these activities, stressing the routine (even boring) nature of his job, and about how his cynicism and lack of empathy benefit his job.

The target eventually arrives in the company of a dominatrix. As the target watches the dominatrix from the couch, the killer takes aim and fires but misses his mark, accidentally shooting the dominatrix, despite his meticulous methodical preparations. Bodyguards spot the killer and he flees. He successfully evades the police and flies to the United States under one of his numerous fake identities. As he makes his way back, the killer suspects he is being followed and waits in the airport hotel nearby before confirming he is not being followed by anyone.

The Killer returns to one of his hideout homes in the Dominican Republic to find that it has been broken into and that his girlfriend Magdala has herself been attacked, but not killed, by assassins, sent by Hodges in order to tie up loose ends as a make-good to the client. He tracks down the taxi driver, Leo, who helped the assassins surveil his home. Leo identifies them as an extremely muscular young man and an older, white-haired woman. The Killer then shoots Leo, leaving his body in his taxi.

Reasoning that Hodges arranged the hit, the Killer travels to Hodges’s office in New OrleansLouisiana. He gains entry to the building disguised as a sanitation worker. He restrains Hodges’ secretary Dolores and destroys Hodges’ electronic records of their work together. As Hodges attempts to deescalate the situation, the killer shoots him in the chest with a nail gun in an attempt to torture the names of the hitmen out of him, but Hodges dies more quickly than the killer anticipated by aspirating his own blood. Dolores then offers to show the Killer the assassins’ identities in her personal paper files in her home, asking in return that the Killer give her a quick and non-suspicious death so her family can claim her estate via life insurance; he grants it by suddenly breaking her neck at the top of a flight of stairs down which she falls, making it look like an accident.

The Killer drives to St. Petersburg, Florida, where he breaks into the home of the brutish assassin after drugging his pet pit bull with diphenhydramine mixed in with ground beef. He attempts to ambush him late at night, but the assassin notices the killer and attacks him. During the fight, the assassin recognizes the Killer as the absent target from the Dominican Republic. The Killer is badly injured, but still manages to kill the assassin, burning his home down afterwards. He subsequently travels to Beacon, New York, where he confronts the older assassin in a gourmet restaurant. Appearing to accept her fate, the assassin questions the killer’s motivations in continuing his profession. Finishing with her dinner, the assassin allows the killer to proceed with her murder outside. He shoots her dead after she trips and asks for a hand. A small dagger falls from her palm, indicating that she planned to surprise him with a sudden stab.

The killer finally travels to Chicago, where the client, billionaire venture capitalist Claybourne, lives in an upscale apartment. The killer observes his routine, using inexpensive tools purchased on Amazon to clone his home keycard and circumvent building security. He confronts Claybourne at gunpoint, asking him if he ordered the retaliatory hit out of personal grievance. Claybourne claims that, as a first-time client of a hitman, he was simply startled when the killer botched the hit, that Hodges suggested the idea of tying up loose ends, but did not know what that entailed, and that he has no personal problem with him. The killer spares Claybourne, though he promises to return and kill him in a very gruesome, unsuspecting way if he ever suspects that Claybourne tries another hit on him.

The killer returns to the Dominican Republic, where a recovering Magdala waits. He begins to acclimate to retirement.

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