Download The Jungle Book (2016) 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K BluRay x265 10bit HEVC [Org Hindi BD 5.1 ~ 640Kbps + English DTS-HDMA TrueHD Atmos 7.1]

The Jungle Book (2016) 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K BluRay x265 10bit HEVC [Org Hin BD 5.1 ~ 640Kbps + Eng DTS-HDMA TrueHD Atmos 7.1]

Download The Jungle Book (2016) 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

Download The Jungle Book (2016) 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

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The Jungle Book (2016) Plot

In the jungles of¬†India, the orphaned boy named¬†Mowgli¬†lives among the pack of wolves led by¬†Akela. One day, during the¬†dry season, the jungle animals gather to drink the remaining water as part of an ancient truce. The truce is disrupted when vicious¬†Bengal tiger¬†Shere Khan¬†arrives and threatens to kill Mowgli at the end of the drought. After the drought ends, the wolves debate whether or not they should keep Mowgli. Mowgli decides to leave the jungle for the safety of his pack, and Bagheera, a¬†black panther, volunteers to guide him to the nearby “man village.”

Shere Khan ambushes the pair on their way to the man village, but Mowgli manages to escape and encounters the python named Kaa, who hypnotizes him. While under her influence, Mowgli sees a vision of his father being killed by Shere Khan. Kaa attempts to devour Mowgli, but he is rescued by a brown bear named Baloo. Mowgli retrieves honey for Baloo as repayment and agrees to stay with him until the winter season arrives. Upon learning that Mowgli has left the jungle, Shere Khan kills Akela and threatens the pack to lure Mowgli out.

Bagheera eventually finds Mowgli and Baloo and is incensed that Mowgli has not joined the humans as he had agreed, but Baloo calms him down and persuades both of them to sleep on it. During the night, Mowgli finds the herd of elephants gathered around the ditch and uses vines to save their baby. Baloo realizes that he cannot guarantee Mowgli’s safety after learning that he is being hunted by Shere Khan and agrees to push Mowgli away to get him to continue onward to the man village.

Mowgli is kidnapped by a gang of monkeys known as a “Bandar-log“, who present him to their leader, the deranged Gigantopithecus named King Louie. Assuming that all humans can make fire, King Louie offers Mowgli protection from Shere Khan in exchange for it. Baloo distracts King Louie while Bagheera tries to sneak Mowgli out, but their ruse is uncovered. Louie chases Mowgli through his temple and informs Mowgli of Akela’s death. Louie’s rampage eventually causes his temple to collapse on top of him.

Furious that Baloo and Bagheera neglected to tell him about Akela’s death, Mowgli goes to confront Shere Khan. He steals a torch from the man-village and heads back to the jungle, accidentally starting the wildfire in the process. He confronts Shere Khan, who claims that Mowgli has made himself the enemy of the jungle by causing the wildfire. Seeing the wolves’ fear of him, Mowgli throws the torch into a river. Baloo, Bagheera, and the wolf pack hold off Shere Khan when he attacks, giving Mowgli enough time to flee into the burning jungle. Shere Khan overpowers all of them single-handedly and goes after Mowgli, who lures Shere Khan up a dead tree and onto a branch, which breaks under his weight, and Shere Khan falls into the fire to his death. Mowgli then directs the elephants to divert the river and put out the fire.

In this aftermath, Raksha becomes the new leader of the wolf pack. Mowgli decides to utilize his equipment and tricks for his use, calling Baloo, and Bagheera.

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