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The Grudge 3 plot

Jake Kimble is under the care of Dr. Sullivan in an asylum. He is locked in his room following several escape attempts and is murdered by Kayako. The attack is seen on security cameras, although her spirit cannot be seen, and Jake is found dead by the time Dr. Sullivan arrives with an orderly. News of the incident reaches Tokyo, Japan as Kayako’s younger sister Naoko, aware of her older sister’s haunting, travels to Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The apartment building where Jake lived is under renovation. Of the few residents who remain, some glimpse Toshio. Several people associated with the cursed apartment begin to die, including Renee’s mute daughter Brenda, Rose’s babysitter and family friend Gretchen, Lisa’s boyfriend Andy, and Max’s boss Mr. Praski. Dr. Sullivan, while investigating Jake’s death, speaks with the residents and finds that others have seen the little boy of whom Jake spoke. Dr. Sullivan digs more into the information and is murdered by Kayako.

Naoko moves in while the spirits of Kayako and Toshio kill various residents and anyone associated with them. She tells the landlord’s family that the curse now resides in the apartment and tries to convince them to participate in an exorcism. The landlord’s sister, Lisa, refuses to cooperate but reconsiders when she realizes that her brother, Max, is possessed by Takeo‘s evil spirit, and the source of the curse. Naoko explains that the ceremony must not be interrupted and tells Lisa and Max’s sister, Rose, that she must drink Kayako’s blood. Lisa refuses. The possessed Max realizes Naoko’s attempts and murders her. Lisa is chased by Kayako until, just as the croaking onryƍ is about to murder Lisa, Rose drinks Kayako’s blood which causes her curse to disappear.

Max, who has been exorcised of Takeo’s evil possession upon Kayako’s banishment, stares in horror at the body of Naoko, but her murder has begun a new curse. Naoko’s spirit attacks and kills him

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