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Download The Exorcist: Believer (2023) 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

Download The Exorcist: Believer (2023) 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

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The Exorcist: Believer (2023) Plot

In Haiti, photographer Victor Fielding and his pregnant wife Sorenne, blessed by a voodoo practitioner, are on their honeymoon until a massive earthquake ensues. Sorenne is gravely injured; she tells Victor to protect their unborn daughter, Angela. Paramedics tell Victor he must choose to save either his wife or his child.

Thirteen years later, Victor has lost his faith in God since Sorenne’s death and is raising his daughter Angela on his own in Georgia. One day after school, Angela ventures into the woods with her Baptist best friend Katherine West to perform a séance in an attempt to contact Angela’s mother. The girls go missing and a three-day manhunt ensues.

The girls are found in a barn on the third day; though traumatized, they seem relatively normal, having only suffered burns to their feet. The next day at home, Angela attacks Victor and begins convulsing, while Katherine has an outburst during a church service in which the sacrament of Holy Communion is observed. Victor admits Angela into the hospital where their nurse neighbor Ann attends to her. Katherine’s mother, Miranda, begins to theorize that the girls traveled to Hell and brought a demon back with them.

The girls’ conditions worsen. Ann, convinced that Angela is possessed after the latter reveals knowledge of Ann’s experience in the novitiate as a prospective nun and her secret abortion, gives Victor a memoir written by Chris MacNeil, who experienced a similar situation with her daughter Regan in 1973.[a] Chris has spent her life researching exorcisms in every culture while becoming world-renowned for her studies. Regan became distant from her mother due to the memoir’s success and has not seen her since.

Victor meets with Chris, who visits Angela and realizes the demon recognizes her. Visiting Katherine’s home, Chris performs a deliverance ritual on Katherine, who stabs Chris in the eyes with a cross, blinding her.

Victor, Miranda, Katherine’s father Tony, and Ann reach out to the Church for an exorcism. Using methods from different cultures, they recruit Father Maddox; a local priest, Don Revans, Katherine’s family’s Baptist pastor; Stuart, a Pentecostal preacher; and Dr. Beehibe, a rootwork healer. The group plans an ecumenical exorcism, but the local Catholic diocese forbids Maddox from participating, believing the girls are mentally ill.

The group proceeds with the exorcism. The demon reveals that Victor did not choose to keep Angela thirteen years ago; he chose Sorenne but she died from her injuries. The demon says that the parents must choose which of the girls gets to live and which will die, and if a choice is not made, it will kill them both. While Miranda and Victor refuse to forsake each other’s child, Maddox rejoins them against the church’s wishes, only for the demon to snap his neck and kill him. Victor regains his faith and begins to pray the Lord’s Prayer. Victor apologizes to Angela and uses Sorenne’s scarf to attempt to strengthen her against the demon. Tony yells that he chooses Katherine and Angela flatlines.

Suddenly, the demon reveals that the one that was chosen would be the one who died, revealing the earlier deal was a trick. Katherine screams for her parents as the demon drags her to Hell, while Angela revives. Police arrive as Victor reunites with his daughter.

In the aftermath, Miranda and Tony mourn and Angela returns to school. In the hospital, Chris is reunited with Regan, who forgives her mother, and they embrace.

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