Download Soppana Sundari (2023) 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K WebRip Multi Audio {Hin+Kan+Mala+Tamil+Telu}

Soppana Sundari (2023) 720p WebRip Multi Audio [Hin-Kan-Mal-Tam-Tel]

Download Soppana Sundari 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

Download Soppana Sundari 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

Soppana Sundari (Plot)

A financially struggling lower middle-class family wins a car in a raffle draw, then the chaos begins when various parties claim ownership of the car. Unexpected events led to another face dark system.

A middle-class family consisting of Agalya, her mother, father and her mute sister, Thenmozhi live in a house. One day, Agalya receives a call saying that she has won a lucky draw prize. As to the family’s surprise, they win a car as the prize. They are happy. The man who gives her this prize gets a call to come to the police station. There, he finds another man named Durai. Agalya says this is her brother. Way back, we see that it is her brother who buys these jewels and not her. They argue saying that Durai should be the one to get the car and not Agalya. But Agalya was the one who filled the coupons. The police say him to bring the bill, so they would get the car. Meanwhile on another hand, there’s Thenmozhi to whom a groom comes to visit. They say that they would only proceed on with the marriage if they give the car. Thenmozhi and her groom set out on a date. On the date, they crash over a old man, the groom and Thenmozhi carry the body and put him on the trunk of their car. Finding out the Car is now at the police station, the sister cries. The family begins to worry. Now, its shown that durai didnt buy the jewels for himself but for someone else. As to get the bill, Durai’s men break into the owner’s house to steal the bill. But, As Agalya also has to get the bill, she takes the bill first from the house. Agalya and Durai make a deal to share 50–50 when they get the car. They make a fake dupe to act as the real owner. But unfortunately, he gets caught. When the real owner is also caught as not being the real one, It is revealed it was all Agalya’s plan.

Now, agalya is taken to a lodge with the police to get rid of her sentence. The policeman tries to take advantage of her. Agalya tells him to rape her so that she would forget it as a bad dream. Then she with great struggle escapes from the lodge. Outside of the lodge, she reveals she set this all up and now his dirty acts would be up on the media, exposing him. after that, they open the trunk and find the body as her sister said is not there anymore. They move on, but get kidnapped by police men’s men. But agalya and her family get out of it pretty quick. Thenmozhi is planned to get married and they live happily. Then we get to know the man in the trunk got out of the car and was not dead.

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