Shehzada (2023) Hindi 720p + 1080p NF WEB-DL x265 10bit HEVC DDP5.1

Shehzada (2023) Hindi 720p + 1080p NF WEB-DL x265 10bit HEVC DDP5.1

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Shehzada (2023) Plot

Valmiki and Randeep start their career as clerks in the company of Aditya Jindal. Randeep, who marries Jindal’s daughter Yashoda “Yashu”, becomes wealthy while Valmiki remains poor. On the day of the birth of both their children, Randeep’s son appears to be dead. When nurse Sulochana informs Valmiki about this, he pities Randeep and offers to exchange his baby with the dead one since the Jindals have done so much for him.

After switching them, however, Randeep’s child begins to cry, having not died after all. Valmiki, sensing that his son would have a better life growing up in a rich family, prevents Sulochana from switching the babies back and accidentally pushes her off a ledge. Sulochana goes into a coma, keeping Valmiki’s secret from coming out.

25 years later, Raj, raised at Jindal’s house, is timid and innocent while Bantu, raised by Valmiki, is street-smart and outspoken. Valmiki, who favours his own son, Raj, treats Bantu badly. Bantu gets a job at a law firm headed by Samara, who is impressed by his knowledge and quick-wittedness. Meanwhile, Raj returns from his studies abroad. Jindal sends Raj to reject Sarang, a powerful man who offers to buy their company’s shares but deals with drugs. Randeep watches the deal from a restaurant where Samara has a meeting. When the client misbehaves with Samara, Bantu interferes. Randeep is disappointed by Raj’s inability to say no to Sarang but beams at Bantu and Samara when they defend themselves against the rowdy client. Following this, Raj becomes engaged to Samara but she and Bantu have fallen in love.

Sarang attempts to kill Randeep for getting in his way. Bantu saves Randeep; at the hospital, he meets Sulochana, who has come out of her coma. She reveals Bantu’s true parentage before dying. Bantu denounces Valmiki as his father. Aditya Jindal, Bantu’s true grandfather, is fond of Bantu for saving Randeep and hires him.

Bantu begins to address the issues plaguing the house by patching up Randeep relationship with Yashu, which had been strained since Randeep’s affair seven years ago. He also settles the dispute with Sarang and reforms the corrupt family members, Kailash and Arun. He and Samara tell Raj about their relationship; Raj calls off his marriage with Samara and confronts his parents, telling them he should be allowed to make his own decisions rather than have everything handed to him. Sarang kidnaps Yashu and threatens to kill her unless Randeep gives him money.

Bantu saves Yashu. Jindal reveals that he knew all along who Bantu was, which is why he brought him home; he had overheard the conversation between Sulochana and Bantu right before her death. Bantu unites with Randeep but asks him not to reveal the truth to Yashu, fearing she might be disheartened to know that Raj, who she dotes on so much, is not her real child. Yashu remarks that Bantu is like her son, as he saved her and the family. Yashu asks Valmiki to train Raj to be as competent as Bantu and become the CEO of their company. Bantu forgives Valmiki and mends his relationship with him.

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