Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (2017) Hindi 720p + 1080p ZEE5 WEB-DL x265 10bit HEVC AAC 2.0

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (2017) Hindi 720p + 1080p ZEE5 WEB-DL x265 10bit HEVC AAC 2.0

Download Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (2017) Hindi 720p + 1080p

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Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Plot

Aarti Shukla, a pretty and intelligent girl, meets Satyendra Mishra, a clerk in the Excise Department, on her parents’ persistence who are trying to fix an arranged marriage for her. Aarti finds Satyendra’s off-traditional views convenient, while Satyendra is mesmerized by Aarti’s beauty and intelligence and as a consequence both of them fall in love with each other and agree to marry. Satyendra’s mother insists on 25 lakh dowry. On the night of marriage, Aarti learns that she has cleared the PCS mains Exam in first attempt from her sister Abha, who also informs her that if she marries now her in-laws will not let her pursue the dreams that she has. Even though Abha speaks how good her own life is she regrets she is a just an housewife. She repeatedly tells Aarti to elope. Aarti who is now in love with Satyendra, can’t bring herself to betray him. Abha then tells her he is just a clerk and after becoming an PCS officer employees like Satyendra will work under her. On her sister’s and maternal uncle’s provocation Aarti decides to run-away from her house without informing Satyendra or his family, who is surprised by the incident and is left heartbroken. Later her uncle manipulates Satyendra’s family to return dowry money for his father’s and uncle’s life, some of which they had already spent for the marriage and saved remaining for Satyendra’s sister’s wedding. Due to this, his family goes through a painful time in society. Satyendra’s mothers is hospitalized because of the trauma, his father tries to commit suicide on the way home due to shame. Aarti, while leaving messages Satyendra the reason she left, she even tries to call him back, but enraged what his family has gone through, he disconnects and blocks her.

5 years later

Aarti who is now a Sub Registrar PCS Officer is accused of taking a bribe and suspended till her case is resolved. During the investigation Aarti discovers that the officer in charge of her case is none other than Satyendra, who has now become an IAS Officer and who is the District magistrate. She even tries to call him lovingly but Aarti discovers that Satyendra has no sympathy for her at all. Abha tells Aarti to make use of his past feelings towards her.

Aarti approaches Satyendra for assistance but is shunned away by and also insults her and her family members. Satyendra leaves no space to leave Aarti alone as he completely humiliates her, breaking her down. Frustrated Aarti confronts Satyendra in the heat of moment, she informs him that she left the marriage for her PCS training, Satyendra rebunks that she should have trusted him once as he loved her so much, but suddenly she says that if she hadn’t left him, he would not be an IAS Officer today. Satyendra believing Aarti showing her true colors that she doesn’t wanted to marry a clerk as an PCS officer, Satyendra feeling dejected, calls her selfish and tries to leave but Aarti completely broke down saying she is not selfish, finally both of them talk calmly but suddenly Satyendra becomes extremely harsh, felling uncomfortable Aarti leaves.

Aarti meets Mr. Kukreja the person from whom she is accused of taking bribe, unaware of the fact that Satyendra is watching everything, After seeing the sting operation, he immediately orders for Aarti to be arrested. The news of Aarti getting arrested shatters Arti’s family, claiming that he is taking revenge for what he has gone thru, following that night Satyendra meets Aarti in prison and wishes her Happy Birthday, she calls it as the best gift of her life, she even wished that she shouldn’t have met him. The following day Satyendra finally begins hearing and where he shows the sting operation video, which Aarti was unaware about it, Kukreja fearing that she will expose him tells someone something needs to be done, the person tells to kill Aarti, Aarti gets shaken after hearing this similar voice, the person turned out to be her best friend and it turned out that Satyendra sent her to prison to only save her life, Satyendra explains that Aarti’s friend have misused Aarti’s trust for their personnel benefits even Aarti was unaware about it and she had never received the bribe. The investigation is concluded and Aarti is proven innocent.

Aarti thinking that Satyendra still loves her and tries her best to make amends with Satyendra but to no avail. One day Aarti meets Satyendra in riverside where he reveals that after what he has gone through in past he has lost faith in love and marriage. A few months later, Aarti is shown marrying someone and Satyendra’s family is also invited. Satyendra is surprised seeing Aarti with her fiancee and they both have a small chat, Satyendra talks provokingly which angers Sharad but is stopped by Aarti, but not so soon Aarti emotional for Satyendra kisses him and tells “Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana” and leaves. On the day of the wedding, when Satyendra along with family arrives,Abha receives him without any shame. Satyendra realizes his love for Aarti, holding her fianc√©, Sharad, at gunpoint with his personal firearm. It is then revealed that the wedding was only a drama planned by both the families to make Satyendra realize his true feelings. It turned out that Sharad was already married to Abha, his sister-in-law, who manipulates everyone. The movie ends with Aarti and Satyendra getting married.


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