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LOKI SEASON 2 (2023) Multi Audio 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K Full HD Quality

Download LOKI SEASON 2 (2023) 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

Download LOKI SEASON 2 (2023) 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

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S02 Ep 1 “Ouroboros

In the past, the Time Variance Authority (TVA) attempts to apprehend Loki while he is uncontrollably warping across time in their headquarters. In the present, Loki reunites with Mobius M. Mobius and warns him of the threat posed by the many variants of He Who Remains, the TVA’s creator. Concurrently, TVA General Dox has several TVA hunters arm themselves, ostensibly to find Sylvie, who caused the Sacred Timeline to branch after killing He Who Remains. Loki and Mobius meet TVA technician Ouroboros, who deduces that Loki is “time slipping”, a phenomenon possibly caused by branching timelines dangerously overloading the Temporal Loom. To save Loki, Ouroboros instructs Mobius to approach the Temporal Loom with the Temporal Aura Extractor device to extract Loki from the time stream as Loki prunes himself. Loki time slips to the future, where the TVA is being evacuated as the Loom goes critical, he encounters Sylvie before he is pruned by someone at the last minute. In the present, Mobius successfully pulls Loki from the time stream, and they set out to find Sylvie. In a mid-credits scene, Sylvie enters a branched timeline in Broxton, Oklahoma, 1982 and visits a McDonald’s restaurant.

S02 Ep 2 “Breaking Brad

Loki, Mobius, and Hunter B-15 find and capture Hunter X-5 in London, 1977 on the Sacred Timeline, where he lives as film actor Brad Wolfe. Under interrogation, he admits to abandoning Dox’s mission and reveals Sylvie’s location. Meanwhile, Ouroboros attempts to repair the Loom to safely accommodate the branching timelines, but discovers he cannot access it without help from the missing Miss Minutes or He Who Remains’s aura. Loki, Mobius and Wolfe travel to Oklahoma and find Sylvie working in a McDonald’s. Loki tells her of their encounter in the TVA’s future and asks for her assistance to figure out what would happen, but Sylvie refuses to involve herself with the organization. After Wolfe proclaims the group is in mortal danger, Sylvie enchants him, forcing him to reveal Dox’s plan to simultaneously destroy the branching timelines with reset charges. Sending Wolfe back into custody, Loki, Mobius, and Sylvie capture Dox, but her plan has largely succeeded and some of her loyalists have escaped. As TVA receptionist Casey tracks the rogue Ravonna Renslayer‘s TemPad on one of the remaining branching timelines, Sylvie declares that the TVA is rotten and returns to McDonald’s with He Who Remains’s TemPad in her possession.

S02 Ep 3 “1893

Miss Minutes and Renslayer travel to Chicago, 1868 to secretly drop the TVA Handbook to a young Victor Timely, a variant of He Who Remains, who had arranged this before his death. They then travel to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair on this branched timeline, where Loki and Mobius arrive tracking Renslayer’s TemPad and see Timely presenting his Temporal Loom prototype. Timely then has four groups chasing him: Loki and Mobius, who need his aura to fix the Loom; Renslayer and Miss Minutes, who want him to take his variant’s place with them at his side; Sylvie, who wants to kill him to prevent his rise to power; and a robber baron and his allies wanting revenge against Timely’s fake invention scam. Timely abandons Renslayer for proposing a partnership. At Timely’s Wisconsin laboratory, he turns Miss Minutes off after she professes romantic love for him. Renslayer, Loki, Mobius, and Sylvie arrive, with Sylvie gaining control. Sylvie allows Loki to take Timely back to the TVA, then sends Renslayer to the Citadel at the End of Time with Miss Minutes being brought along. They see He Who Remains’ decaying corpse as Miss Minutes reveals that she knows a secret about Renslayer.

S02 Ep 4 “Heart of the TVA”

Miss Minutes reveals that in the past, Renslayer commanded He Who Remains’ army; he proposed to lead the TVA with Renslayer, then had Miss Minutes erase the memories of Renslayer and other TVA employees. As the Temporal Loom reaches catastrophic failure, Loki and his allies attempt to use Timely and Ouroboros’s Throughput Multiplier to fix it. Ouroboros reveals that the source of his knowledge is Timely himself in an ontological paradox. Renslayer and Miss Minutes attempt to take over the TVA, approaching the detained Wolfe, Dox and her loyalists for help. Only Wolfe agrees; Dox and her loyalists instead choose to be crushed to death by Miss Minutes. Wolfe prunes Hunter D-90 and kidnaps Timely. While staging a rescue, Sylvie and Loki encounter his time-slipping past self; Loki prunes his past self.[a] Ouroboros deactivates Miss Minutes and the TVA’s magic-suppressing devices. This enables Sylvie to enchant Wolfe, controlling him to prune Renslayer. Rescued, Timely restores access to the Loom, but when he approaches the Loom, the increased temporal radiation spaghettifies him before the Throughput Multiplier can be launched. The Temporal Loom explodes, and the blast wave spreads toward Loki, Mobius, Sylvie, B-15, Casey, and Ouroboros in the TVA.

S02 Ep 5 “Science/Fiction”

Loki survives the explosion, but everyone else has vanished and the TVA headquarters spaghettifies. Loki escapes as he begins time slipping again, taking him to branched timelines where his friends Mobius, Hunter B-15, Casey, and Ouroboros were reset to their original lives as Don, Dr. Verity Willis, Frank Morris, and Dr. A.D. Doug, respectively. Wanting to time slip to before the explosion, Loki enlists Doug’s help. With Loki unable to control his time slipping, Doug proposes Loki gather everyone present at the explosion back together, so that their collective temporal aura can send them back to the right time and place. Doug builds a TemPad using a TVA Handbook that Loki kept. Loki succeeds in gathering everyone else to Doug’s workshop except Sylvie, who has retained her memories. Refusing to help, Sylvie makes Loki admit his true motivation: he wants his friends back and fears being alone. When everything in Sylvie’s timeline spaghettifies, she goes to help Loki. However, Doug’s workshop also spaghettifies, as do Frank, Doug, Don, Willis, and Sylvie. Loki finally controls his time slipping by focusing on a person. Declaring that he can “rewrite the story”, Loki time slips to before the explosion by focusing on Ouroboros.

S02 Ep 6 “Glorious Purpose”

Loki time slips to the moment before the Temporal Loom’s explosion.[b] Despite his attempts, the Loom always fails to accommodate the infinite branches. Loki slips to the moment before Sylvie kills He Who Remains,[c] who tells Loki that the Loom is a fail-safe; overloading it protects the Sacred Timeline by deleting the branches along with the TVA. He Who Remains suggests Loki kill Sylvie to save the Loom, which Loki rejects. After consulting Mobius and Sylvie at different moments in time,[d] Loki replaces Timely in approaching the Loom. Loki destroys the Loom, magically rejuvenates the dying timelines and rearranges them into a tree-like structure,[e] committing himself to oversee the branches alone at the End of Time. The TVA now tracks He Who Remains’ variants across the growing branches, with Mobius reporting one variant being stopped at Earth-616‘s “adjacent realm“.[f] B-15 becomes one of the TVA’s leaders. Ouroboros reactivates a now-friendly Miss Minutes and writes a new TVA Handbook with Timely as co-author. In one timeline, Timely did not receive the TVA Handbook in 1863. Renslayer awakens in the Void and encounters Alioth. Mobius retires from the TVA; he and Sylvie observe Don and his children from afar.

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