Download Little Women (2019) 720p + 1080p Bluray x265 10bit HEVC Dual Audio ESub

Little Women (2019) 720p + 1080p Bluray x265 10bit HEVC Dual Audio ESub

Download Little Women (2019) 720p + 1080p Full HD Quality

Download Little Women (2019) 720p + 1080p Full HD Quality

Little Women (2019) Plot

In 1868, Jo March, a teacher in New York City, goes to Mr. Dashwood, an editor who agrees to publish a story she has written. Her youngest sister, Amy, who is in Paris with their Aunt March, attends a party with their childhood friend and neighbor, Laurie. Amy becomes angry at Laurie’s drunken behavior, prompting him to mock her for spending time with wealthy businessman Fred Vaughn. Jo becomes hurt when Friedrich Bhaer, a professor interested in her, gives critical feedback on her writing, angering her. After learning from a letter that her younger sister Beth’s illness has worsened, Jo returns home to Concord, Massachusetts.

Seven years earlier in 1861, Jo meets Laurie while attending a party with her older sister, Meg. On Christmas morning, the girls’ mother, “Marmee,” persuades them to give their breakfast to their poor neighbors Mrs. Hummel and her starving children. After returning home, they find a table full of food given to them by their neighbor and Laurie’s grandfather, Mr. Laurence. Marmee then reads a letter from their father fighting in the American Civil War. Jo regularly reads to Aunt March, hoping Aunt March will invite her to Europe.

When Jo, Meg, Laurie, and John Brooke (Laurie’s tutor) go to the theater, a jealous Amy burns Jo’s writings. The next morning, Amy, wanting forgiveness from an upset Jo, chases her and Laurie onto a frozen lake. They save Amy after she falls through the ice. Mr. Laurence notices Beth’s quietness and invites her to play his late daughter’s piano in his house. Meg expresses her unhappiness about being poor to John in the present after buying fabric they cannot afford. Laurie visits Amy to apologize for his behavior, urging her not to marry Fred but instead marry him. Though in love with Laurie, Amy refuses, upset at always being second to Jo. Despite this, she turns down Fred’s proposal.

Mr. Laurence gifts Beth the piano in the past and discovers she has contracted scarlet fever from the Hummels. Amy is sent to stay with Aunt March to avoid the illness, who advises her to provide for her family by marrying well. John urges Meg to turn the fabric into a dress in the present to make her happy, but she reveals she had sold it and reassures him of her happiness as his wife. Beth recovers in time for Christmas in the past, and their father returns home as well. After worsening in the present, Beth dies. On Meg’s wedding day in the past, Jo tries to convince her to run away, but Meg expresses her elation to marry John. Aunt March announces her European trip, taking Amy instead of Jo. After the wedding, Laurie proposes to Jo, who refuses, explaining she does not see herself married.

In the present, Marmee reveals Amy is returning from Europe with an ill Aunt March. Jo wonders whether she was too quick to turn Laurie down and writes him a letter. Preparing to leave, Amy tells Laurie she turned down Fred’s proposal; they kiss and later marry on the journey home. Jo and Laurie agree to remain friends, after which she discards the letter she wrote to him. Jo begins to write a novel based on her and her sisters’ lives and sends the first chapters to an unimpressed Mr. Dashwood. Bhaer surprises Jo by turning up at the March house on his way to California.

In New York, Mr. Dashwood agrees to publish Jo’s novel after his daughters demand to know how it ends, but he refuses to accept the protagonist remaining unmarried at the end. To appease him, Jo ends her novel with the protagonist, herself, stopping Bhaer from leaving for California. She successfully negotiates copyright and royalties with Mr. Dashwood. Following Aunt March’s death, Jo inherits her house and opens it as a school, where Meg, Amy, John, and Bhaer all teach. Jo observes the printing of her novel, titled Little Women.

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