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Bhamragad, Maharashtra, 2003. Lakshmi Sharma (Konkona Sen Sharma) is a Naxal captured by the police and is under custody of Inspector Viswapal Suri (Kumud Mishra). Lakshmi is brutally sexually assaulted by Viswapal’s superior officer (Jagbir Singh Pannu) under orders from the local politician (Anurag Kashyap). Viswapal had protested this brutality but was told to step aside.

The Naxals led by Shankar (Vijay Kumar Singh) attack the police station and rescue Lakshmi. Lakshmi kills the politician and the inspector but leaves Viswapal alive and asks him to fight the system.

Chapter 1: 13 years later Viswapal is the subordinate to Guffu (Arjun Kapoor). Narayan Khote (Naseeruddin Shah) is a local drug don. He confronts Guffu for working for Surti (Jay Upadhyay) as his courier and smuggling cheap coke from Nairobi into India. Guffu is paid Rs 3 Lakhs per month for his services. Narayan agrees to spare Guffu only if he kills Surti. Guffu and Viswapal attack Surti’s rave party and kill him and his suppliers from Nairobi. Guffu wants to take the drugs worth Rs 2 Crores with him, but Viswapal advises against it as they are already getting paid Rs 2 Crores from Narayan for the hit on Surti. Guffu doesn’t know how to swim.

While escaping Surti’s mansion, Guffu and Viswapal are arrested by IPS Officer Rajiv Mishra (Aasmaan Bhardwaj) for possession of drugs in their car. Rajiv tells Guffu that Surti survived even after taking 4 bullets. So, Rajiv knows that Guffu took a contract to kill Surti and stole drugs from him. Surti is in coma and if he regains consciousness, Guffu and Viswapal will lose their heads.

Constable Manohar (Aasmaan Bhardwaj) is Rajiv’s driver and asks him to meet Inspector Poonam Sandhu aka Pammi (Tabu), who is close to the Commissioner Of Police (Ashwini Mishra). Pammi agrees to help Guffu/Gopal Tiwari and Viswapal for Rs 2 Crores. Harry (Ashish Vidyarthi) is Pammi’s friend. Harry retired from the force 2 years ago and now does private security that handles ATM cash deliveries for banks. Harry says that his company handles cash deliveries for a large part of Mumbai’s ATMs and carries Rs 2-4 Crores at any given time.

Viswapal and Guffu have a falling out as Viswapal does not have Rs 1 Crores to save himself. He threatens Guffu that he will turn a government witness, but Guffu threatens back that if he wants he can pin the whole thing on Viswapal and walk Scott free.

Guffu gathers a team of corrupt officers to attack Harry’s cash van that night and offers to split anything over Rs 1 Crores equally between them. The heist goes badly as all the corrupt officers are gunned down by the van guards. Harry & Mamu escapes. Guffu is shot but survives and kills everybody else inside the van. He takes control of the van with its driver and takes off. But the van is ambushed by Lovely and Daanish. Mamu finds a Scooty and follows the van.

Chapter 2: Guffu meets Narayan after the attack on Surti. Guffu has not been paid the hit money as Surti is still alive. Turns out Lovely (Radhika Madan) is Narayan’s daughter. Guffu wants weapons for the cash van heist and asks for Narayan’s help. Lovely wanted to attend her friend’s birthday party and stay overnight. Narayan sends Danny Dandekar aka Daanish (Shardul Bhardwaj) with her. Lovely has sex with Daanish in the car and it is clear that they are in a relationship, even though Lovely is getting married in 2 weeks. Lovely wants to elope with Daanish and escape to Canada. But they need Rs 1 Crores to accomplish this.

Lovely and Daanish see Guffu entering a bar and follow him. They hear him plan out the cash van heist with the corrupt police officers. They follow Guffu and witness the heist and ambush the van when Guffu tries to drive away with it. They put Guffu in their car and set it on fire and escape with the van, since the money box is chained to the van and there are no keys. But Guffu again survives as he gets thrown out of the car before it explodes.

Further ahead, the van is ambushed by Viswapal & Pammi, who shoots at Daanish with the rifle and the van crashes. Guffu stops Mamu on the Scooty and goes with him after the van.

Chapter 3: Turns out Pammi had arrested 3 men who were supplying arms to Naxals. They offer Pammi a bribe of Rs 3 Crores in the form of a cash van, whose driver is from their village. Pammi wants Viswapal to execute as he also doesn’t have the Rs 1 Crore he needs for the bribe he needs to pay. The driver is Mamu (Vijayant Kohli) who says that he is on leave for 1 week and if he returns to work on the day the van is hijacked, he will be the prime suspect. He says that if the replacement Ganesh is not able to come for some reason, then the company will call him back. Pammi and Viswapal find Ganesh in a Chawl smoking weed and arrest him. But Ganesh falls on railway tracks and dies under an oncoming local train.

When Pammi and Viswapal stop the van, they are astonished to find Lovely inside. They cannot kill her as Narayan will set fire to the entire city.

But now, Guffu and Mamu also reach the van on their Scooty. Mamu is killed in the shootout. By morning, the Naxals led by Lakshmi reach the area and the 3 groups decide to join forces against the Naxals. They take refuge in a nearby ruin, which was a base for the Naxals. Viswapal negotiates with Lakshmi and secures everyone’s release in exchange for the money, but that’s when Guggu finds a heavy machine gun in the ruins and decides to attack everybody. In the ensuing shootout, Daanish is killed. Lovely kills Lakshmi and Pammi kills Lovely. Guffu shoots Pammi. Viswapal attacks Guffu, but is killed when a slab of concrete falls on Viswapal’s head. Guffu is the only survivor and escapes with the cash, which he hides in the jungle.

Guffu is given a medal of honor for killing Naxals. 3 weeks later, Guffu goes to the ruins to recover the cash. But the same night, the PM declares demonetization.


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