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Captain Jahan Bakshi (Pulkit Samrat) is a passionate army officer who thinks all things happen according to his will and that he can control his destiny. Suhani (Yami Gautam), a Punjabi girl from an army family is found swimming in an army restricted area. She is later rescued by captain Jahan without her will. She has to stay in the army camp for a day because of the procedure. She asks Jahan to sign the apology letter. The investigating officer invites her to a Christmas party. After the party, they meet at a riverside. Jahan tears the letter, leading her to ask him to apologise or that she would leap. Jahan doesn’t pay any heed to her, so Suhani leaps. However, he immediately saves her.

The next morning Jahan visit Suhani at the hospital and gives her the apology letter. They start developing feelings for each other. This further changes into love when Jahan meets Suhani at Amritsar and she plans a trip for Jahan by lying to her parents. When she returns, her father scolds her harshly, takes away her phone, and restricts her from going outside. This is due to him finding out Suhani’s feelings towards Jahan. He fears that if Jahan were to die in the line of duty, Suhani would be heartbroken. Hence, he lays a condition for Jahan to either leave the army, or Suhani. Jahan refuses to comply and leaves. Having no other option left, Suhani elopes. However, after reaching the army camp, she sees a girl hugging Jahan, misunderstands the scenario, and returns home.

Later, Jahan and his team find people trapped under snow, saving them. Those people then invite him to the wedding of their son Yash. During the ceremony, he notices that the bride is Suhani. Rangoli clears Jahan’s confusion and tells him to confess his love to Suhani. So he writes a letter to her which is instead read by Yash. Yash exclaims in front of everyone that he can’t be so cruel to ruin Suhani and Jahan’s love. Suhani’s father too, accepts their love noticing Suhani’s discontentment without Jahan. The story ends with Suhani and Jahan reuniting and kissing each other.

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