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Guntur Kaaram (2024)

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Guntur Kaaram (2024) Plot

In 1998 in Guntur, Marx and Lenin, two of the biggest hooligans in the city, burn down Satyam’s mirchi factory. Satyam, seeing this, approaches Marx and Lenin to question them, while the factory is burning. In the process, Satyam’s brother-in-law decides to kill Lenin, but Satyam takes the blame for the murder, landing him in jail for 12 years. However, his son, Ramana, partially loses his vision in his left eye, rendering him blind during the explosion of the factory. Soon afterwards, seeing how Satyam went to jail, his wife and Ramana’s mother, Vasundhara, decides to leave Ramana and moves on with her father, Venkata Swamy.

25 years later, Venkata Swamy makes Vasundhara a minister from his political party, but faces opposition from Kata Madhu, from the rival political party, who threatens to expose the fact that Ramana is Vasundhara’s son. To combat this, Venkata Swamy decides to make Ramana sign a document stating that he is not related to Vasundhra or the family, in return for which he will receive money. Ramana refuses to do so if he cannot see his mother one last time. There is a back and forth involving Amulya “Ammu” and Balu trying to get Ramana to sign the document. Venkata Swamy, growing frustrated, decides to have Pani file a fake FIR against Ramana stating that he destroyed valuables in his house and attacked his security guard in order to force him to sign the document. Balu is empathetic towards Ramana, opposes Pani and obtains a bail order for Ramana. Ramana visits Venkataswamy’s house in Hyderabad and recreates exactly what was stated in the FIR.

Vasundhara then decides to see Ramana and slaps him, which makes him sign the document. Back in Guntur, Kata Madhu tries to get Ramana to side with him and his party, but Ramana thrashes him. However, Kata is able to steal his wallet and reveals to the media that he is indeed Vasundhara’s son. Venkata Swamy seeing this tries to get Ramana arrested again, but fails to do so. Satyam then reveals that Vasundhara immediately wanted to have Ramana’s eye operated on after the accident and fought with him, who thought saving his brother-in-law was his main priority. She also wanted to take Ramana with her to Venkata Swamy’s house, but Bujji, Satyam’s sister and her sister-in-law, shut the doors of the house on her. Meanwhile, in the court, Vasundhara inquires with Bujji about Ramana’s eye, to which, she tells her that his eye will never regress to normalcy. Vasundhara is enraged and blames the murder on Satyam. Ramana, learning of this, becomes depressed. “Gelatin” Babji and his men kidnap him and Balu to try to kill them.

It is then revealed that Narayana, Vasundhara’s second husband, hired Babji and his men to kill Ramana, under Venkata Swamy’s orders. Elsewhere, Vasundhara is struck by a lorry and then hospitalised. Ramana rushes to see how she is; it is then revealed that Hari Das and Kata Madhu planned to murder Vasundhara with the accident. Venkata Swamy convinces Ramana to kill Hari Das to prove that he is Vasundhara’s son. In the process, Venkata Swamy reveals to Pani that he orchestrated the attack on Satyam’s factory in 1998 to bring his daughter back, as he lost the elections due to Vasundhara marrying Satyam, who was from another caste.

When Ramana goes to kill Hari Das, he reveals that he never planned the murder with Kata and it is revealed that Venkata Swamy orchestrated everything. At the event to make Gopal Reddy the next minister, Narayana also reveals to Venkata Swamy that Gopal Reddy is not Vasundhara’s son, but was merely adopted by Vasundhara in making Venkata Swamy a fool to save Ramana from harm. When Ramana learns of this, he becomes enraged at Venkata Swamy, but Vasundhara stops him and they both go to Guntur where the family is reunited.

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