Gadar 2 (2023) Hindi 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K ZEE5 WEB-DL x265 10bit HEVC DDP 5.1

Gadar 2 (2023) Hindi 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K ZEE5 WEB-DL x265 10bit HEVC DDP 5.1

Download Gadar 2 (2023) Hindi 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

Download Gadar 2 (2023) Hindi 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4k

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Gadar 2 Plot

In 1954, Hamid Iqbal is the General of Pakistan Army who wants to exact vengeance on Tara Singh for eliminating his 40 soldiers during Tara’s escape from Pakistan with wife Sakeena and son Charanjeet “Jeete”.[a] Iqbal gets Sakeena’s father Ashraf Ali executed for aiding Tara in his escape to India.

In 1971, Tara is now a goods supplier to the Indian Army cantonment and lives with Sakeena and Jeete, who soon leaves for Chandigarh for his college studies. One day, Tara is contacted by Lt. Colonel Devendra Rawat for help in supplying Indian soldiers with weapons as a skirmish is taking place with the Pakistani soldiers at the border during the Third India–Pakistan War. After reaching there, Tara is spotted by Iqbal, who orders an explosion at the border, leading to many of the soldiers getting captured. Jeete returns from Chandigarh to find Sakeena in shambles. Upon learning about Tara’s disappearance at the border, Jeete leaves for Pakistan against everyone’s wishes to rescue his father.

After arriving in Pakistan, Jeete meets Tara’s close friend Gul Khan, who helps him secure a job at Kurban Khan’s hotel, which supplies food to the prison where the Indian soldiers are being held. Jeete meets and gets close to Kurban’s daughter Muskaan, who continues to support him upon learning that Jeete came there to rescue his father. Jeete infiltrates the prison only to get captured and discover that Tara was never captured. On the other hand, Tara resurfaces in Punjab and reunites with Sakeena, revealing that he fell into a stream and was rescued by a Bakarwal tribe, but went into a coma. Upon learning that Jeete is in Pakistan and his communication has stopped, Tara decides to head to Pakistan and extract Jeete from the prison.

Landing in Pakistan, Tara meets Gul Khan and learns about Jeete’s capture. Iqbal beats up Jeete and gets him publicly humiliated by falsely accusing him of assaulting Muskaan, who is forced to lie to protect her father. However, Tara arrives and escapes with Jeete after defeating Iqbal and his army. Yahya Khan, who is the President of Pakistan and the Commander-in-chief of the Pakistan Army, orders Iqbal to capture Tara within 72 hours. Tara and his team contact Sakeena, but are chased by Iqbal’s men, eventually getting separated. Following a series of combats and chases, they finally reunite and are on their way to leave Pakistan when Muskaan and Kurban Khan shows up with their family, who are planning to leave for Balochistan.

Kurban Khan asks Tara to accept Muskaan as Jeete’s bride, to which Jeete and Tara both happily agree. However, Iqbal captures them in an ambush and kills Muskaan’s brother Farid. The next day, Tara fights Iqbal and his army singlehandedly, escaping with everybody in a battle tank. They arrive at the Indian border, where Iqbal tries to kill Tara, but is gunned down by Indian soldiers. Colonel Rawat approves Jeete to enlist in the army, while Tara, Jeete andMuskaan reunite with Sakeena.


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