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Friend Request Movie Plot

Laura Woodson is a popular campus student with over 800 friends on Facebook. She lives with Olivia Mathison, Isabelle, and Gustavo Garcia, Isabelle’s boyfriend. She is close friends with Kobe and is dating Tyler McCormick.

Laura receives a friend request from her classmate Marina Mills. Noticing she has no friends, she accepts and the two begin a relationship as friends, but she is uncomfortable with Marina’s obsessive behavior and sees that her Facebook profile is full of negative posts. Marina wants to attend Laura’s birthday dinner but Laura lies and says only she and Tyler are going out. That night, Marina sees pictures of Laura and her friends on Facebook, and angrily confronts her the next day. During their quarrel, Laura accidentally reveals Marina’s bald spot, a result of hair pulling disorder. She then unfriends Marina on Facebook.

The next morning, it is announced that Marina committed suicide. Laura feels responsible but tries to forget about it until Marina uploads a video showing her burning a sketch of Laura before hanging herself. The video is somehow posted on Laura’s own page and she is unable to remove it or delete her account. Marina adds Gustavo as a friend. He is then terrorized by a demonic spirit and has his face smashed by an invisible entity. Isabelle discovers him and is sent to the hospital. A video of Gustavo’s apparent suicide is posted on Laura’s page, damaging her reputation even further.

Laura and Kobe break into Marina’s dorm room and find an old class photograph from an orphanage. Laura visits the orphanage and discovers Marina’s real last name is Nedifar, and she was tormented by two boys when she was younger. The boys were murdered, with their faces mutilated and swarmed by black wasps, the same way Gustavo died. Her mother had been part of a commune, rumored to be a demonic cult, until someone set it on fire. Her mother, then pregnant, was horribly burned and rendered brain dead, so doctors performed a C-section to deliver Marina. Kobe does research on black mirrors, which they keep seeing, and learns that they were mostly used by witches.

Isabelle becomes Marina’s next victim. A video of her killing herself is posted on Laura’s page. Olivia is attacked and, after being possessed, killed herself. Laura and Kobe go in search of the place where Marina committed suicide to destroy the black mirror she died in front of, as that is what she used to become an evil spirit to torment Laura. Kobe, realizing he is the next victim, becomes deranged, and stabs Laura, hoping to kill her and save himself.

She escapes and learns that Marina killed herself in a nearby factory. Tyler finds Laura, but Kobe kills him. After Laura reaches the dead end, Kobe gets killed by the swarm of wasps. Laura finally found Marina’s burned corpse and, after staring at her laptop, the corpse lunges at her.

In the epilogue, Laura, dressed in the hoodie, looks at a few girls the same way that Marina looked at Laura in the beginning.

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