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Fighter (2024) Plot

In Srinagar, Kashmir, a terrorist organization called Guruvadi, led by Azhar Akhtar, make a plan to attack India. Azhar targets the Srinagar Air Force Station, and the Indian Air Force.[9]

Group captain Rakesh ”Rocky” Jai Singh is assigned to counter the threat and forms a team called ”Air Dragons” consisting of skilled fighter pilots. The team includes Squadron Leaders Shamsher Pathania ”Patty”, Sartaj Gill ”Taj”, Bashir Khan ”Bash” and Minal Rathore ”Minni”.

During training, the team members bond, and Minni develops romantic feelings for Patty. However, Patty is haunted by his past after he lost a teammate in a previous mission. The team learn of an impending attack on CRPF soldiers in Pulwama, planned by Akhtar.

In response, the Indian Air Force, along with RAW agent Zarina Begum, plan a counterattack on Akhtar’s base in Balakot. Despite succeeding in the mission, the aftermath causes conflict between India and Pakistan.

The Pakistani Air Force launch a retaliatory attack on Indian bases, leading to Taj and Bash getting captured. Despite Rocky’s orders, Patty, crosses the Indo-Pakistan border to rescue their captured teammates.

The rescue mission however is revealed to be a trap, resulting in Taj and Bash’s deaths. This leads to Patty’s suspension from the Air Force for disobeying orders by Rocky.

Later, Patty discovers that Taj is alive and imprisoned in Pakistan. Determined to rescue him, Patty defies orders and joins a covert mission. The team successfully infiltrate the enemy territory and are able to rescue Taj. Patty is also able to expose Begum, who is in fact working as a double agent with Guruvadi.

Patty and Akhtar engage in combat, resulting in Patty killing Akhtar. Despite the victory, Patty is suspended from the Air Force.

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