Fear The Walking Dead S08, 720p, 1080p Full HD Quality

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8, 720p, 1080p Full HD Quality

Download Fear The Walking Dead S08, 720p, 1080p Full HD Quality

Download Fear The Walking Dead S08, 720p, 1080p Full HD Quality

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S08 Ep 1 “Remember What They Took from You”

Taken to PADRE, an island off the coast of Georgia, Morgan and Madison overpower several guards and rescue Mo. Seven years later, a suicidal Madison is imprisoned for her role in Mo’s escape. Learning about Madison, a young girl named Wren attempts to enlist her help for training to take part in PADRE’s future, but Madison discovers she is actually Mo, and has been brainwashed by PADRE. They escape the island and encounter Morgan, now working for PADRE, who believes that Mo is safer on the island. Morgan leads them to a houseboat in a walker-infested swamp, where Mo finds references to Morgan’s past life. Under attack by walkers, Morgan admits a similar attack seven years ago caused him to give Mo up to PADRE for her safety. Grace arrives and rescues the group, but Morgan and Grace reluctantly decide to turn Mo back over to PADRE. Now disillusioned with PADRE, Mo begs her parents to flee with her, but they refuse. Madison is taken back into custody, while Morgan is fired out of fear he will eventually choose Mo over PADRE. Back on the island, Mo claims to have learned her lesson and resumes her training with newfound confidence.

S08 Ep 2 “Blue Jay”

June, living alone in the wilderness, attacks PADRE Collectors and cuts off their trigger fingers. She meets a desperate father, Adrian, who is searching for his daughter, Hannah. During an ambush, June discovers Dwight, Sherry and their son Finch, who has appendicitis and needs surgery. June reluctantly agrees to help and takes them to an abandoned lab. Joined by Adrian, June admits she performed experiments with radiation to find a cure to bite infections after having deduced that Alicia survived due to her previous exposure. However, the radiation levels were fatal to her test subjects, causing June to abandon her research. After finding Hannah amongst the test subjects, a devastated Adrian allows himself to be devoured rather than live without her. June saves Finch and decides to flee PADRE with Dwight and Sherry. They are caught by Shrike, who cuts off June’s trigger finger and has Finch bitten by an undead Adrian in order to motivate June to resume working on a cure. Elsewhere, Morgan admits his guilt over something he didn’t do in his past is holding him back in his relationship with Mo. Madison helps Morgan escape, remaining behind and ordering him to go fix whatever it is.

S08 Ep 3 “Odessa”

Twelve years earlier, General Krennick of the U.S. Army prepares to distribute supplies PADRE stockpiled to rebuild civilization. Walkers overrun the shipyard and Krennick is killed. He implores his children Sam and Ben to continue PADRE’s mission. In the present, with June’s treatment having been successful on Finch, Shrike prepares to experiment on Madison. Suspicious of Finch’s fate, Mo and Dove find the train and create a distraction, allowing June to overpower Shrike. The group Adrian was part of, led by Daniel, eventually captures them. Daniel, having been abandoned by PADRE, reveals he organized a group of parents into a resistance movement to rescue their kids. With Shrike as a hostage, Madison, June and Dove return to the island and confront PADRE, who is revealed to be Ben. After losing their father, Shrike and Ben restructured PADRE to protect children from the pain of losing their parents while simultaneously working to rebuild the world. Dove turns on Madison after learning she is actually Odessa Sanderson and her mother died in Louisiana because Madison convinced her that she could rescue her daughter. Daniel rescues Madison and June, and vows to find Morgan. Shrike returns to the shipyard and tells Ben they will clear out the walkers and begin their expansion, as their father intended.

S08 Ep 4 “King County”

Morgan returns to King County, Georgia on a quest to put down his zombified son, Duane. Grace and Mo follow him, as well as Dwight and Sherry, who were forced into hunting Morgan by Shrike. Morgan reveals his wife, Jenny, bit Duane after he couldn’t bring himself to put her down when he had the chance. Morgan and Grace are eventually captured and forced to show Shrike’s forces that they are telling the truth about Morgan’s mission, but they find no sign of Duane. Dwight and Sherry kill the guards with them, unwilling to allow Morgan to be executed, and help Finch escape from Shrike’s captivity. Left alone, Grace confesses to Morgan that she is terminally ill from radiation sickness. While trying to escape from Morgan’s burning house, Mo discovers her father chained up Duane in the attic years before during his period of insanity. With Mo in danger, Morgan is finally able to shoot Duane with the gun that Rick Grimes had left for him and buries Jenny and Duane’s bodies. Shortly thereafter, a walker bites Grace, and Morgan vows to get her to June for help.

S08 Ep 5 “More Time Than You Know”

Morgan enters a race against time to get Grace to the train car and June for treatment. Resigned to her fate, Grace tries to get her family to accept the inevitable and enjoy the time she has left. Shrike offers Morgan a deal where she’ll help him in exchange for Morgan clearing out the shipyard, but Morgan, Daniel and the others decline when they learn it has to be done by hand. Meanwhile, Finch becomes sick as his own infection returns, the treatment only having a temporary effect due to June not using enough radiation out of the fear it would kill him. Morgan finally accepts Grace’s fate, but Mo goes against her parents’ wishes and takes Grace to the train car. Although June guides Mo through the treatment, it fails to work and Grace dies. Mo is unable to put down Grace, who reanimates. Morgan arrives in time to save Mo from a zombified Grace, and Mo decides to re-join PADRE as a way of escaping from her pain. Shrike locks Morgan in the train car surrounded by a herd as she, Mo and the others prepare to attack the walkers at the shipyard.

S08 Ep 6 “All I See Is Red”

Descending back into periodic insanity after losing Grace, Morgan escapes from the train car and teams up with Madison and Daniel’s group to stop PADRE’S expansion. Having been outmatched by the walkers at the shipyard, Mo and the Prefects lead them into the swamps towards Morgan’s houseboat, but Shrike knows her father carries the coordinates PADRE needs. After attacking his allies, Morgan ends up trapped with Mo at the houseboat. He helps Mo escape before being rescued by Madison. As Shrike prepares to kill them, Krennick crawls out of the swamp and bites her; Madison puts Krennick down and takes the coordinates. Ben and the Prefects surrender following an impassioned plea by Madison, Morgan and Daniel. At the request of a dying Finch, June allows Ben to euthanize Shrike and banishes him from PADRE. After burying Finch and knowing they only bring pain to each other, Dwight and Sherry decide to end their relationship for good. Finally at peace with his losses, Morgan buries Grace by Eastman’s cabin[a] and decides to return to Alexandria with Mo to find Rick Grimes. As Madison rebuilds PADRE into its original purpose, an unknown survivor, in possession of Strand’s sunglasses and Alicia’s prosthetic arm, is shown to be listening to her broadcast.

S08 Ep 7 “Anton”

On the run from a hostile group, Madison takes shelter in a friendly hotel community run by Victor Strand who is now going by the name Anton, has adopted a son named Klaus, with his husband Frank, and hides his past. When the other group comes searching for Madison, frightened of his past coming back to haunt him, Strand tries to turn her over to them, but Klaus helps Madison to escape and convinces his father to help. Hiding from a herd, Strand explains that after leaving Texas, he and several others washed up in Georgia, but they rejected his help due to Strand’s tyrannical past, leading to their deaths of starvation. Remorseful for his actions and wanting to live up to Alicia’s request to become a better man, Strand reinvented himself as Anton, the man that he wants to be. Madison, Strand and his people are captured by the hostile group who are revealed to be led, much to Madison and Strand’s shock, by Troy Otto who had supposedly died several years ago at Madison’s hands. Having survived blinded in one eye, Troy seeks revenge on Madison and to take PADRE for his people, exposing Madison and Strand’s secrets to Strand’s people. Before Troy can harm anyone, the group is rescued by Daniel, June, Sherry and several others and Madison takes Strand’s people back to PADRE. Before they leave, Troy claims to have killed Alicia Clark and left her to reanimate, providing Madison with Alicia’s prosthetic arm as proof of his claims.

S08 Ep 8 “Iron Tiger”

In search of gas, Daniel, Strand and Madison are reunited with Luciana and Charlie who was cured of her illness by PADRE. After being captured by PADRE, Luciana had agreed to refine oil for them in exchange for the use of PADRE’s resources to help other survivors across the country and for the release of Daniel whom PADRE had intended to kill. Charlie confesses to an enraged Madison that she was the one to murder Nick, causing Madison to blame her choices for the deaths of her children. Madison demands that Charlie use her skills to assassinate Troy, but relents and forgives the girl after discovering that Charlie had Nick’s body dug up and cremated, leaving Nick’s ashes for his mother. However, Charlie is captured by Troy who demands the location of PADRE in exchange for Charlie’s release. In the chaos of an explosion that she set, Charlie breaks free and commits suicide, sacrificing herself to protect PADRE. Madison briefly helps Troy to search for his missing daughter Tracy, learning that he was cutting off the arms of walkers to mess with her and that Troy blames Madison for the death of Tracy’s mother, something that Madison has no knowledge of. The death of Charlie causes Luciana and Daniel to turn against Madison, and Daniel leaves to be with Luciana. Realizing that they’re right, Madison leaves PADRE in Strand’s care and goes off on her own.

S08 Ep 9 “Sanctuary”

Devastated by the loss of his son, Dwight returns to his and Sherry’s old home where he encounters Jay, another survivor whose much needed insulin has been stolen by a group of bandits living in the long-abandoned Sanctuary, Negan‘s old fortress. Dwight retrieves the insulin, burning one of the bandits to death in the furnace, but Jay has already succumbed to his diabetes. Experiencing an emotional breakdown, Dwight is approached for help in the fight against Troy by Sherry, June and Dove, but Dwight refuses, believing that he will only cause more harm to people that he cares about. Dove is shot by the bandits, forcing the group to take her to the Sanctuary for treatment where Dove reveals that she was trying to run away because she believes that under the current leadership, they will just get everyone killed. At the Sanctuary, Dwight and Sherry are forced to face their trauma from living under Negan while June is forced to face her guilt over being unable to save her daughter and Finch. A herd and the bandits attack, causing the already unstable building to collapse, killing everyone but Dwight, Sherry, June and Dove who hide in the furnace. Filled with a renewed determination to make something good out of all the bad that they’ve encountered, June successfully removes the bullet and Dwight agrees to return to PADRE, inviting June and Dove, who returns to going by her birth name Odessa, to join his and Sherry’s family. Strand captures Troy’s daughter Tracy and tells Tracy that she will help him to save PADRE.

S08 Ep 10 “Keep Her Alive”

Furious about Strand’s abduction of Tracy, Dwight, Sherry and June attempt to return to the girl to her father along with Strand. Wanting to save Tracy from that, Strand escapes with her and brings Tracy to Madison who is continuing her search for Alicia and Tracy agrees to help Madison find Alicia. Wanting to use Tracy to get revenge for Ofelia’s death, Daniel accompanies them, throwing Strand out of the truck when he tries to stop them. Strand is rescued by a group of women driving Al’s old SWAT van who explain that, after escaping Texas with dozens of survivors who had heard her message,[b] Alicia had traveled around helping survivor groups until her apparent death; having been saved by Alicia, the group has been keeping her alive for other people. Tracy leads Daniel and Madison into a trapped herd that she claims holds Alicia, but in reality, it’s an attempt to get Madison killed by her zombified mother who Tracy claims died because she believed in the same things as Madison and Alicia. Tracy finally tells Madison that Alicia is in a mansion near Fort Worth and Strand talks Madison down from killing Tracy, but she escapes with the knowledge of where PADRE is, convinced that Troy was right about them. Troy attacks Luciana’s truck stop, killing most of both groups, but they realize that Troy intends to attack PADRE using an army of the dead like he did with Broke Jaw Ranch.[c] Unwilling to risk anyone else that she cares about, Madison goes after Troy alone in the SWAT van.

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