Download Family Switch (2023) 720p + 1080p NF WEB-DL x265 10bit HEVC Multi Audio [Hindi + English + Tamil + Telugu] DDP5.1

Family Switch (2023) 720p + 1080p NF WEB-DL x265 10bit HEVC Multi Audio [Hindi + English + Tamil + Telugu] DDP5.1

Download Family Switch (2023) 720p + 1080p

Download Family Switch (2023) 720p + 1080p

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Family Switch (2023) Plot

Jess and Bill Walker are raising their three children CC, Wyatt and Miles in an LA suburb. The night before Jess, CC and Wyatt all have potentially life-changing challenges, they do a family excursion to a planetarium. There, they are all arguing vehemently when they stop an apparently random woman to take their photo.

Angelica observes them all bickering, all saying they wished their corresponding parent-child could know what it’s like to walk in their shoes. When she snaps the picture, a strange and powerful cosmic blast strikes the telescope, knocking the family off the platform, and damaging the telescope.

They wake in the morning with architect Jess body switch with 17 y.o. soccer star CC, and guitarist music teacher Bill with 13 y.o. Yale candidate Wyatt. Just when they figure out the flash at the planetarium was the likely cause for the transformation, they see that Miles and their dog Pickles also switched.

Seeing the pug tearing across the lawn, the family follows close behind. They finally catch up with their baby/dog at their neighnor Rolf’s, who offers to teach Pickles to obey.

All six of them go to the planetarium and are told the telescope is being repaired, and Bill bribes maintainence to finish by evening. Accepting that they have to manage the best they can for the day, they leave Miles/Pickles with Rolf.

Jess/CC has CC/Jess take her to work at Atlas to coach her through a presentation to The Molson Group, which could get her a promotion. The teen wolfs down ice cream in the break room while Jess/CC preps her index cards for the presentation. Awkward from the start, CC/Jess soon has to hurry to the toilet when her lactose intolerance kicks in. Afterwards they go to the champonship game. Eventually Jess/CC does rally, but fails to follow through to make the winning goal but rather tends to an injured opponent.

Meanwhile, the extroverted Bill/Wyatt is accompanied to the high school by the socially awkward Wyatt/Bill and quickly puts him on others’ radar. However, his cool guy demeanor does not go over so well with the Yale reps. While waiting in the hall, Wyatt’s lifetime friend and crush Ariana approaches Bill/Wyatt, confesses her feelings for Wyatt and invites him to a party.

In the evening, the Walkers return to the telescope, only to discover one of it’s lenses is missing, which would have to be sent from Switzerland. Dejected, they bump into Angelica outside, who’s a Lyft driver and drives them home.

Bill/Wyatt and Jess/CC sneak off to the party, while their ‘adult’ counterparts are swooped in upon by Jess’ monthly moms gathering. They get the gathering to end to hurry off to the teen party. Bill/Wyatt just barely manages to block Ariana from kissing him and punches out Wyatt’s bully. Wyatt/Bill and Jess/CC arrive, just as CC/Jess is livening the party with an old ‘Bust a Move’ dance routine.

The family has to continue in the switched bodies, but this time CC/Jess insists on organizing the presentation so that the whole project team participates. She discovers that her mom constantly sings her praises and sacrifices tons to support her soccer camps. Jess/CC aces CC’s math test and finds out from the teacher how well she’s doing. When they see each other again, they both apologize.

Before they can start the presentation, Bill/Wyatt calls the rest of the family to Bill’s band Dad or Alive’s show, as Wyatt/Bill is missing. They find him hiding in the toilets, afraid to perform in front of millions of viewers. Feeling he needs everyone’s help to do it, he enlists his family as back up vocals. Initially shaky, by the end of the song, Wyatt/Bill finds his voice, and Dad or Alive is selected to go on to Hollywood. Jess’ team and Mr. Molson come to tell her that Atlas won the account, and Jess the promotion.

As Wyatt’s contact at SpaceX gets the missing lense, the Walkers race to the planetarium to place it on the telescope. Although all six of them are on the platform, nothing happens. Disappointed, Angelica gives them a lift home. As they climb out, CC/Jess wishes Angelica a merry Christmas and states that they weren’t successful in fixing the telescope and Angelica points out they were to ‘fix what’s broken’.

On Christmas morning, the Walkers wake up in the living room to find themselves back to normal. Wyatt gets notification that Yale doesn’t believe he’s ready yet. Then he finds Ariana outside and they share their first kiss. Then the National Soccer Team recruiter comes by the house to let CC know they are still interested, as showing compassion for her opponent in lieu of marking the goal showed character.

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