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Pallavi lives in New Orleans and has a close but contentious, relationship with her mother Usha, who has moved back to Delhi because of her husband’s work. Usha is worried that Pallavi, almost thirty, is still unmarried. Usha, who is heavily interested in vedic astrology, tries to set her daughter up on arranged dates.

To placate her mother, Pallavi agrees to meet a blind date she set up. The date never shows but Pallavi meets another man, Sandeep, and the two of them begin dating. Sandeep seems like the perfect man: handsome, wealthy, and Indian. When discussing their romantic pasts, Sandeep tells her that a former girlfriend tried to commit suicide when they broke up. When Pallavi rejects Sandeep’s attempt to give her earrings, she sees his hands clench in anger, but dismisses it.

She tells Usha about her new boyfriend. But far from being overjoyed, Usha is concerned. An astrologer tells her that Pallavi and Sandeep have unprecedented compatibility. However, a private investigator Usha hires reports that Sandeep has a string of former girlfriends who are reluctant to talk about him.

Sandeep invites Pallavi to move in with him. She refuses so he offers to pay for the rent on a new apartment for her so she can quit her job and focus on her aspirations to be a writer. Pallavi moves into the new apartment, but when she tells Usha, her mother believes Sandeep has too much control over her. When Pallavi says Sandeep is doing this for her own good, Usha remembers that her abusive ex-boyfriend used to say this all the time to her and becomes convinced that Sandeep, who was born nine months after Pallavi, is the reincarnation of her old boyfriend, who had died the night Pallavi was born after violently confronting Usha. She tries to convince Pallavi to leave Sandeep, but Pallavi, and everyone else, thinks she is crazy.

When Pallavi gets engaged to Sandeep, Usha has a breakdown. At the urging of her husband, she agrees to give Sandeep a chance. She confides in her daughter about her past: before she got married she had dated a man who was controlling and abusive. After she broke up with him and married someone else, he would stalk her. One night, when she was eight months pregnant, he attacked her on a bridge. In the struggle, she pushed him into the river and went into labor that night, giving birth to Pallavi. She was never connected to the ex-boyfriend’s death.

Sandeep calls Usha and admits that her suspicions are correct: he is the reincarnation of her former boyfriend. He demands that she travel to America to meet him in person. When she arrives, Sandeep tells her that he wants what he has always wanted: her. He warns her that if she tries to stop the marriage, he will kill Pallavi. When the three have dinner together, Pallavi becomes suspicious that her fussy mother has suddenly become so supportive. Usha reveals that she has the same set of earrings Sandeep gave to Pallavi, a gift from her ex. Sandeep becomes enraged and attacks Usha. The two women fight him off and injure him.

At the hospital, realizing her mother was right, Pallavi worries about the future, and what might happen with her potential daughters. Usha comforts her as down the hall, Sandeep dies. The final shot shows a newborn baby, indicating that he has been reincarnated once again.

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