Dream Girl 2 (2023) Hindi 720p + 1080p NF WEB-DL x265 10bit HEVC DDP5.1

Dream Girl 2 (2023) Hindi 720p + 1080p NF WEB-DL x265 10bit HEVC DDP5.1

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Dream Girl 2 Plot

Karamveer “Karam” Singh is a middle-class man living in Mathura and works as a Jagrata performer. He has a special talent of perfectly impersonating a female voice. His father Jagjit Singh is in huge debts after borrowing multiple loans and is unable to repay them. He is in a relationship with Pari Srivastava, a lawyer from a wealthy family. Pari’s father Jaipal Srivastava says that he will get Pari married to Karam only if he is able to land a high paying job and buy a house of his own, within six months. In order to earn quick money, Karam disguises as a woman going by the alias “Pooja” and becomes a dancer at a bar owned by Sona Bhai. Pari remains unaware of this.

Karam’s best friend Smiley Singh Dhillon is in love with Sakina, the daughter of the hostile Abu Saleem. Abu says that he will get Sakina married only after his son Shah Rukh Saleem is married. Shah Rukh is in depression ever since he had a breakup with his lover six months ago. Abu says that he will give a reward of Rs.10 lakhs to the person who manages to get Shah Rukh out of depression. Smiley requests Karam to pose as “Pooja” and pretend to be a psychiatrist for treating Shah Rukh.

Karam as “Pooja” manages to cheer Shah Rukh up. Abu is overjoyed and says that he wants “Pooja” to be Shah Rukh’s bride and Yusuf Ali Salim Khan, Shah Rukh’s wheelchair-bound grandfather says that he will pay “Pooja” Rs. 50 lakhs for getting married to Shah Rukh. Karam, seeing the opportunity of making a lot of money, decides to go ahead with the wedding, and then abscond later. On the first night after the wedding, Yusuf sees “Pooja” urinating like a man and dies of shock.

Abu says that as per their family tradition, when someone from the family dies, no family member can get married for the next six months, meaning Smiley cannot get married to Sakina. Moreover, before dying Yusuf had written a message on the wall which read – “Daughter-in-law boy”. Everyone  assumes that he wanted “Pooja” to give birth to a baby boy as a last wish, putting the pressure on “Pooja” to get pregnant, which would practically be impossible.

As “Pooja” cannot go to the bar to dance regularly anymore, Sona Bhai keeps calling her and asking her to come back to work. He also says that he wants to marry her, so that post his divorce, his children do not feel the absence of a mother. Abu’s adopted son Shaukya is also attracted to “Pooja” and keeps flirting with her and trying to impress her. Meanwhile, Abu misunderstands that Karam is actually “Pooja”‘s brother. Abu’s sister Jumani is attracted to Karam and comes to Jagjit to propose her marriage with Karam. Jagjit, who is attracted to her, misunderstands that she is talking about her marriage with himself. He later realises the truth when he goes on to exchange engagement rings with Jumani, and she clears his confusion.

One night, while in the bedroom with Shah Rukh,  “Pooja”‘s wig comes off revealing Karam’s facade. Shah Rukh is shocked and reveals that he his actually gay and Abu forcefully had him breakup with his boyfriend so that he can get married to a girl instead. Shah Rukh keeps Karam’s facade a secret from his family. Sometime later, Jumani asks Karam out on a date and proposes to him with a rose. Pari who happens to be there coincidentally, misunderstands that Karam is cheating on her with Jumani and breaks up with him.

As “Pooja” cannot get pregnant, Abu takes her to Baby Baba, a spiritual guru who can miraculously get women to become pregnant. He asks “Pooja” and Shah Rukh to take a dip in the holy Ganges river. While doing so, “Pooja” escapes, making everyone believe that she has died by drowning and a memorial service is held for her.

Karam learns that Pari is getting married to another man and rushes to the wedding ceremony. He performs a dance as “Pooja”, making Pari realise the truth. Karam talks about all the hardships he faced out of his love for Pari and to get married to her. Everyone else also arrives there and all the confusion is cleared. Karam confronts Jaipal about his classist mentality and he realises his mistake and gets Karam and Pari married in a grand ceremony.


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