Dilwale (2015) Hindi 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K Bluray x265 10bit HEVC

Dilwale (2015) Hindi 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K Bluray x265 10bit HEVC

Download Dilwale 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

Download Dilwale 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

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Dilwale Movie Plot

Veer Bakshi and Raj Bakshi are brothers who work as car tuners in Goa. Veer meets an educated young girl named Ishita, where he helps her and damages the car of a customer in the process. As a penance, Raj makes Veer to fix the car in the night. Veer falls asleep while fixing the car and awakes to find that the car’s sound system is stolen. Veer soon gets into a tussle with a drug baron named King, whose henchmen threatened Ishita. Veer gets knocked out and gets admitted to the hospital. Raj learns about this and kills the gang members with the help of his friends Shakti and Anwar. Raj also burn their stash and reveals himself as Kaali. King suspects Raj to be Kaali due to the tussle between him and Veer. However, Raj’s humbleness convinces King that he is harmless and makes a deal to fix their car in exchange for their safety and protection.

2000: In Bulgaria, Kaali and Veer are sons of a crime boss, Randhir Bakshi. Kaali comes across Meera during one of their chases with Randhir’s rival, Dev Narayan Malik. Kaali falls in love with her and the two begin to spend time with each other. During a shipment delivery to his father, Kaali gets attacked by Dev’s henchmen where Meera reveals herself as Malik’s daughter. Meera spares Kaali’s life as it was her birthday. Kaali confronts Meera shortly, chases her car and saves her life when she almost falls off a cliff. Overcome by remorse, Meera declares her love for Kaali, who then, eventually forgives her. Kaali and Meera reveal their relationship to Randhir and Dev who agree to meet each other. However, Dev tries to kill Kaali and his father in a shootout. Dev and Randhir end up shooting each other to death. Meera sees Kaali holding a gun next to Dev’s body and, convinced that Kaali has betrayed her, shoots him. Kaali survives and is convinced by Shakti and Anwar to forget about the past and start a new life with his brother Veer, while Meera starts a new life with her sister Ishita.

Present: Veer discovers that his friend, Shakti’s brother Siddhu, was the thief who stole the car’s parts, but spares him as Siddhu reveals that he did this for his girlfriend Jenny. Veer proposes to Ishita. Raj learns about their relationship and decide to meet Ishita’s family. However, Ishita’s family is Meera, her elder sister. Upon meeting Raj, Meera immediately forbids Ishita from meeting Veer again. Veer and Ishita try to figure about why their siblings dislike each other so much. Veer and Siddhu try to confront Shakti and Anwar. They panic and cook up a ridiculous story that Raj was a washerman named “Ramlal” and Meera was a girl named “Pogo” who left him for money. Veer and Ishita scheme together to rekindle Raj and Meera’s relationship, but they are unsuccessful. Raj’s lieutenant Mani steals one of King’s cars and brings it to the shop. Veer, Mani and Siddhu discover drugs in the car’s decklid and burn them. Upon realizing Ishita loves Veer greatly, Meera issues an ultimatum that Veer must move in with Meera in order to marry Ishita, leaving Raj in the process.

Enraged, Veer proceeds to storm out and Meera reveals to Veer that Raj was actually Randhir’s adopted son and not Veer’s biological brother. Raj confirms this and embraces Veer. Raj confronts Meera for trying to ruin his relationship with his brother, where he reveals that he never betrayed her. Malik’s right hand Raghav meets Meera and reveals Raj’s innocence. Meera takes Ishita to Raj’s house, declaring that Veer can live with Raj and Ishita after marriage. Meera apologizes to Raj and they rekindle their relationship. At Siddhu and Jenny’s wedding in a church, King finds his car (which was being used as a wedding car) and brings Mani, Oscar and Veer, demanding to know about his drugs. He loses his temper when he learns what happened and a fight ensues where Raj reveals himself as Kaali and thrashes King. King tries to kill Raj, but Meera takes the bullet and King is beaten by Raj’s men. Meera is admitted to the hospital, where she recovers and reunites with Raj.


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