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Devil The British Secret Agent (2023) 720p + 1080p WEB-DL [Tamil + Telugu]

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Devil The British Secret Agent (2023)

The story sets in 1945 In pre-independent India, Agent Devil is an officer of the IPI, who is sent undercover as a police officer to investigate the death of Vijaya, the daughter of a landlord in Rasapadu under Madras Presidency Vijaya’s father is arrested as the killer owing to his shame in Vijaya falling in love with Bhuma, a domestic worker in their house. Devil’s investigation almost immediately leads him to believe that the landlord is innocent and that Vijaya’s death is part of a much bigger conspiracy. Bhuma is revealed to be missing and a cook in the house named Rani is also discovered to be dead. In the investigation furthers an unknown assailant finds out the wounded Bhuma kills him along with his father Ramana who also another domestic worker in the house.

Simultaneous to the investigation, Devil falls in love with Nyshadha, the niece of the landlord who is a Barrister graduate being an orphan resides with the family. However, Nyshadha is hostile towards Devil. Based on accounts by the landlord’s neighbor and business partner Patwari and his celebrity wife Rosy an Anglo-Indian women; Devil discovers that Patwari informed the landlord of his daughter’s affair after discovering his own wife’s affair with the landlord. However, Patwari had not witnessed the murder and that rather, Vijaya subdued her own father, rendering him unconscious and asked Bhuma to go some place far away.

Devil finds Nyshadha having a rendezvous with a stranger in her room and confronts them. The stranger is revealed as a man named Samudra and Nyshadha reveals that she and Samudra are a part of the Azad Hind Fauj, colloquially referred to as the INA. Then Nyshadha reveals to Devil that the codes has been thefted by unknown person which links to INA at the time of Vijaya’s murder, and claims that she and Samudra are innocent. Then Devil discovers that Subhash Chandra Bose is due to land in India soon and the whereabouts of his landing are to be known only to Trivarna, Bose’s close confident and right hand man; whose identity was unknown. Clement, a British officer, is later assassinated by Trivarna, who is revealed to be INC leader Manimekala for killing one of the INA Agent Venkata Chalam. Meanwhile Nyshadha begins to fall in love with Devil after he is successful in acquitting the landlord from Vijaya’s murder.

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