Captain Miller (2024) Dual Audio [Hindi (Clean) & Tamil ORG] WEB-DL 480p, 720p & 1080p

Captain Miller (2024) Dual Audio [Hindi (Clean) & Tamil ORG] WEB-DL 480p, 720p & 1080p

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Captain Miller (2024) Plot

In the 1930s during the British Raj, Analeesan “Eesa”, a villager, wants to gain respect because of caste issues in his village, and wants to joins the British Indian Army. This is opposed by Sengannan alias Sengolan, Eesan’s elder brother, who is leading a revolution against the British. Eesa meets Velmathi, a doctor and the daughter of a royal family, and falls in love with her. However, he learns that Velmathi is in love with someone else and forgets about her. Eesa soon joins the army and is christened “Miller”, but brands himself “Captain Miller”. In one of their many missions, Eesa, along with his friends, Rafiq and Sembatta alias Stephen, they are forced by their British General to shoot innocent and defenceless freedom fighters at a public gathering.

When the soldiers are disposing the bodies of the freedom fighters, Stephen commits suicide out of guilt, prompting Eesa to kill their General. Afterwards, he also attempts suicide, but Rafiq stops him and tells him to leave the army and go back to his village. Eesa returns to his village and learns that Sengolan was also killed along with the freedom fighters. The villagers berate and throw him out of the village. During a war between a group of revolutionaries and the Britishers, Eesa helps the revolutionaries kill the Britishers and joins their group. Eesa and the group successfully orchestrate another attack against the Britishers, but he gets shot in the process. Eesa meets Velmathi again and learns that her husband also died in the gathering. She tells Eesa to kill Riley, the son of a British Governor, to avenge Velmathi’s husband’s death.

Meanwhile, the British government learns about a precious idol, which is 600 years old, from King Rajadhipathi and seizes it. However, Rajadhipathi wants the idol for himself and tells Eesa to retrieve it, without revealing anything about it. He also plans to kill him after he retrieves it. Eesa successfully retrieves the idol from the Britishers and also kills Riley, who is also involved in stealing the idol. However, Eesa takes the idol and disappears as he realises Rajadhipathi’s plan. The Britishers torture the villagers to reveal Eesa’s location. That night, he returns to the village and attacks the Britishers and Rajadhipathi’s henchmen.

Velmathi and the others safeguard the villagers and kill Rajadhipathi, while Eesa kills Rajadhipathi’s son. The villagers finally enter the temple, as they were forbidden to enter the temple by Rajadhipathi for many years. The Britishers are enraged and send a whole army to attack the village. Eesa and the revolutionaries attack the army, and are later assisted by Rafiq and Sengolan, who is actually revealed to be still alive. Eesa and the revolutionaries, along with Rafiq and Sengolan, defeat the British army and safeguard the village. The idol is instilled back in the temple and the British government issues a bounty on Eesa, Rafiq, Sengolan and the other revolutionaries.

In the epilogue, Rajadhipathi’s daughter, Princess Shakunthala, learns about Velmathi’s involvement in her father’s death and sets out to exact vengeance on Velmathi, Eesa, Rafiq, Sengolan, and the other revolutionaries.

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