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All of Us Are Dead (2022) Season 1 S01 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K NF WEB-DL x265 10bit HEVC Multi Audio [Hindi + English + Korean] DDP5.1

Download All of Us Are Dead (2022) Season 1 S01 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

Download All of Us Are Dead (2022) Season 1 S01 720p + 1080p + 2160p 4K

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S01 Ep 1 Overview

A gang of bullies corner Hyosan High student Lee Jin-su on the rooftop of a building. He tries to fight them off, but is pushed off the roof and left hospitalized. He vows revenge against his bullies before turning into a zombie at the hospital. Lee Byeong-chan, Jin-su’s father and a science teacher at Hyosan High, takes his body home, and Jin-su is declared missing. Several days later, student Kim Hyeon-ju is bitten by an infected hamster in the school’s science lab. Witnessing this, Byeong-chan locks her inside the lab. She escapes the next day, albeit severely ill. She bites school nurse Kim Kyung-mi in a frenzied state and is transported to the hospital for further care. Police arrive at the school and arrest Byeong-chan. Shortly afterwards, Kyung-mi turns into a zombie and attacks several students, triggering a virus outbreak within the school.

S01 Ep 2 Overview

Students and childhood best friends Nam On-jo and Lee Cheong-san flee the cafeteria as zombies begin to swarm the school. They take refuge in classroom 2-5 with other surviving classmates: Lee Su-hyeok, Yoon I-sak, Han Gyeong-su, Lee Na-yeon, Yang Dae-su, Oh Joon-yeong, Kim Ji-min, Jang Woo-jin, Seo Hyo-ryung, Kim Min-ji, and class president Choi Nam-ra. An infected teacher enters the classroom and bites Min-ji, forcing the group to flee into another classroom. I-sak is also bitten; Cheong-san is forced to push her out of a window when she turns. Using a fire hose, the students climb down to the broadcast room and reunite with Ms. Park. Meanwhile, school bully Yoon Gwi-nam hides in the cafeteria kitchen. Archery team members Jang Ha-ri, Jung Min-jae, and senior students Yoo Jun-seong, and Park Mi-jin take refuge in a restroom. At the hospital, zombie Hyeon-ju bites several others, causing the virus to rapidly spread throughout the city.

S01 Ep 3 Overview

Gyeong-su is scratched while fighting off a zombie outside the broadcast room’s windows. He isolates himself in another room when Lee Na-yeon accuses him of being infected. Minutes pass without Gyeong-su showing signs of infection; the others become frustrated with Na-yeon and press her to apologize to Gyeong-su. Contrarily, she threatens him, stating that he will always be below her as a “welfie.” Not long after, Gyeong-su becomes infected and turns, throwing himself out the window while chasing Cheong-san. Nam-ra reveals that she saw Na-yeon smear zombie blood on her handkerchief and use it to tend to Gyeong-su’s scratch, causing his infection. The others turn on Na-yeon; frustrated, she storms out. A concerned Ms. Park runs after her. Meanwhile, Gwi-nam escapes the kitchen after sacrificing other students and a lunch lady. The virus outbreak prompts government forces – led by Commander Jin Seon-moo – to declare martial law as they begin evacuating survivors. Cheong-san’s mother goes to the school in search of her son. Firefighter and On-jo’s father, Nam So-ju, his crew, assemblywoman Park Eun-hee, and other government officials are trapped inside a government building. Hyosan High student Park Hee-su gives birth in a public bathroom stall and flees with the baby as zombies overtake the city. She is bitten, however, and takes refuge inside Cheong-san’s family restaurant. She ties herself out of the baby’s reach before succumbing to the infection.

S01 Ep 4 Overview

Cheong-san’s mother arrives at the school, only to be quickly surrounded and killed by zombies, among them a zombie Gyeong-su. Police interrogate Byeong-chan, who confesses to creating the virus (named the “Jonas Virus”) in an attempt to empower Jin-su against his bullies. However, it did not go as planned; Jin-su turned into a zombie and bit his mother, causing her to turn too. Byeong-chan says that he has since tried to find a cure, to no success. A horde of zombies suddenly swarm the police station. Byeong-chan is bitten and tells police detective Song Jae-ik that the cure to the virus is on his laptop in the school’s science lab. He sacrifices himself into the horde, allowing Jae-ik and rookie police officer Jeon Ho-chul to escape. Meanwhile, Su-hyeok and Cheong-san retrieve a phone from the staff room. They are separated by zombies; Su-hyeok returns to the broadcast room, while Cheong-san is forced to flee with the phone. Cheong-san momentarily hides in the principal’s office and witnesses Gwi-nam killing the principal. He flees again with Gwi-nam in pursuit. So-ju, a surviving crewmate, and the government officials board a rescue helicopter and are successfully evacuated.

S01 Ep 5 Overview

In the school library, Cheong-san confronts Gwi-nam in a violent brawl. He gouges Gwi-nam’s left eye before pushing him into a horde of zombies. He escapes and attempts to call for help using the smartphone, but there is no response, as the government has shut down all communications within Hyosan to control the crisis. Joon-yeong and On-jo retrieve a drone from the science lab, which they use to find Cheong-san. As they pilot the drone outside the school, they find much of the city in ruins; Ji-min is heartbroken at the sight of her zombified parents. Jun-seong, Mi-jin, Min-jae, and Ha-ri make their way to the school clinic, only to discover that all landlines and internet connections have been cut off. Jae-ik and Ho-chul take refuge in Cheong-san’s family restaurant. There, they encounter Hee-su, now a zombie, and rescue her baby. So-ju and his group safely arrive at a safe zone encampment. However, the military forbids him from leaving to rescue On-jo. Back in the library, Gwi-nam, having survived and retained his human consciousness despite being bitten and now going unnoticed by zombies, vows revenge against Cheong-san.

S01 Ep 6 Overview

The students use the broadcasting equipment to reach Cheong-san and broadcast music to distract zombies as they leave the room. Gwi-nam follows them, attacking Su-hyeok and biting Nam-ra before they push him out a window. Much to the group’s surprise, Nam-ra does not immediately turn. Cheong-san, who saw Gwi-nam get bit in the library, argues for her to be killed. Nam-ra is overcome by a sudden craving for human flesh and almost bites Su-hyeok before quickly regaining control; the others theorize that she and Gwi-nam developed an immunity to the virus. Unbeknownst to them, Na-yeon is still alive hiding inside a nearby locked storage room. Jun-seong, Mi-jin, Min-jae, and Ha-ri reach the archery training center and stock up on weapons. At the restaurant, Jae-ik and Ho-chul rescue a young girl named Se-bin. So-ju escapes the camp and sets off towards the school to rescue On-jo.

S01 Ep 7 Overview

Soldier Lee Jae-joon gets bit and turns into a zombie during a clearing mission. His body is brought in for examination. Nam-ra experiences heightened senses of hearing, vision and smell as her infection grows stronger. She and Su-hyeok confess their feelings for each other and share a kiss. The group plans an escape to the school rooftop, building a barricade in the classroom and playing a recording on a camcorder to draw the attention of the zombies. They reach the rooftop, only to find the door locked by school outcast and victim of bullying Kim Chul-soo. They fend off zombies and once more face against Gwi-nam, who had survived the fall. Equipped with a gun and supplies, So-ju continues to make his way towards the school. Meanwhile, Jae-ik and Ho-chul escape the restaurant with the children on a delivery moped before finding another survivor, a clumsy livestreamer dubbed “Orangibberish”. As Jae-ik attempts a rescue, Ho-chul drives off with the children when a horde of zombie approaches.

S01 Ep 8 Overview

Nam-ra’s mutation grants her incredible strength, allowing her to throw Gwi-nam down the stairs. Eun-ji sets the staff room on fire before wandering off, activating the fire alarm and unlocking the rooftop doors. The group is too late, however, as a military rescue helicopter leaves with only Chul-soo. They make an SOS distress signal using sticks. Jae-ik and Orangibberish are rescued by Ho-chul, who returns with a bus and the two children. They are found and rescued by the military, who also rescue a wandering Eun-ji. Ha-ri teaches Mi-jin archery, while the rooftop survivors gather around a campfire and bond. Cheong-san reveals his feelings for On-jo, who worries about the strain it could cause their friendship. Through flashbacks, it is revealed that Ms. Park was bitten while protecting Na-yeon, who resolves to bring food from the storage room to repent for her actions. However, she is bitten by Gwi-nam, who prepares another attack on the group.

S01 Ep 9 Overview

Gwi-nam attacks the group, but Nam-ra’s newfound abilities enable her to once again overpower him and throw him off the roof. At the encampment, Jae-ik reveals information about the cure in Byeong-chan’s laptop. Eun-ji goes berserk and bites Chul-soo. She is apprehended and thoroughly examined by researches. They deduce that Eun-ji is a potentially dangerous hybrid of zombie and human characteristics, much like Gwi-nam and Nam-ra. The military dispatches a helicopter to the school, successfully recovering the laptop and preparing to rescue the students. However, the military issues sudden orders to classify all survivors as asymptomatic and abandon them, forcing the helicopter to leave the students behind. A loud thunderstorm ensues, hampering the zombies’ ability to hear and smell. Both groups attempt to use this advantage for another escape. The rooftop survivors make their way to the ground floor, where a horrified Cheong-san finds his transformed mother.

S01 Ep 10 Overview

Cheong-san’s cries attract the attention of nearby zombies, forcing the students to flee. Ji-min is separated from the group and is quickly killed. The students find Ha-ri’s group at the gym but are quickly surrounded by zombies. Min-jae runs outside, while Jun-seong sacrifices himself to allow everyone to take refuge inside the equipment room. The following morning, Cheong-san and On-jo reconcile, promising to discuss their relationship after reaching safety. The survivors use the equipment and metal carts to form a movable barricade in order to reach the auditorium’s back exit. Joon-yeong is bit and climbs out of the barricade to guide his classmates to the door before turning. So-ju, finally arriving at the school, comes to their rescue. Officers and scientists conclude that the virus’ adaptability and the irreversible state of the victims make a cure impossible. In response, Commander Jin authorizes the bombing of Hyosan.

S01 Ep 11 Overview

The students escape the gym with So-ju’s help. On-jo reunites with her father, but the reunion is abruptly cut short when another horde of zombies approaches them. So-ju distracts the zombies, allowing the students to flee, but he is killed in the process. The students reach a nearby construction site and take cover on a scaffold. At the archery training center, Gwi-nam bites Min-jae, questioning him about the group’s whereabouts before leaving him to turn. Meanwhile, the military deploys sound-emitting drones to draw zombies from all over the city to select bombing locations, including Hyosan High. As the students attempt to escape, they are ambushed by Gwi-nam, who bites Cheong-san. Cheong-san pushes him off the building, and knowing he will inevitably turn, kisses and embraces On-jo, then rushes away to distract the zombies, allowing the rest to escape safely. In the final face-off against Gwi-nam, the bombs detonate, effectively wiping out the zombies, and ultimately killing Cheong-san and Gwi-nam. Commander Jin commits suicide out of regret for authorizing the bombings.

S01 Ep 12 Overview

On-jo mourns her father and Cheong-san’s deaths. The students reach an evacuated neighborhood, where they fight off a horde of zombies that managed to avoid the bombings. Woo-jin is bitten while saving his sister, forcing Nam-ra to kill him after he turns. As they flee, Nam-ra’s cravings for human flesh grow stronger, nearly causing her to bite On-jo. Fearing her own impulses and for their safety, she strays from the group and disappears. The remaining six survivors – Su-hyeok, On-jo, Dae-su, Hyo-ryung, Mi-jin, and Ha-ri – arrive at a military checkpoint and are finally rescued. Four months later, the government lifts martial law in Hyosan but maintains quarantine measures for the survivors. Noticing a fire on the school rooftop from afar, the six students sneak out of the camp to investigate; Nam-ra, appearing surprisingly well despite her half-zombie state, joyfully reunites with the group. She states that there are other survivors like her, then leaps from the rooftop to join them.

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