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Download Agent Vinod (2012) Hindi 720p + 1080p

Download Agent Vinod (2012) Hindi 720p + 1080p

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In the Dasht-E-maadar desert in kotha Afghanistan, inside a Taliban camp, ISI official Col. Huzefa is interrogating a captured man presumed to be a RAW agent. The man gives details of RAW’s operations in Afghanistan in exchange for money and safe passage across the border. He betrays his colleague, Major Rajan, who has also infiltrated the camp. This is only a ruse, as both overpower their captors and fight their way out of the camp. Along the way, they rescue a girl called Farah.

In New Delhi, Agent Vinod is show a message from Russia and tasked to find out what ‘242’ is. Vinod travels to St. Petersburg. There he is almost captured, but manages to escape and goes to Tangiers, Morocco. Vinod assumes identity as Freddie and meets mafia boss David Kazan and his personal (Pakistani) doctor, Ruby Mendes. Vinod manages to convince Kazan that he is Freddie Khambatta and hacks Kazan’s phone. Vinod gets closer to Ruby to find out what ‘242’ is. Ruby is actually a British-Pakistani working undercover for the ISI. Vinod obtains an invitation card for a private auction and learns that many international terrorist groups are converging at an antiques auction in Marakkesh to purchase ‘242’.

At the auction, Vinod learns that ‘242’ is actually the detonator for the nuclear device. A bidding war ensues, and Kazan manages to secure the detonator. It turns out that a group of rogue ISI colonels are planning an attack on India. In Morocco, Kazan locks the detonator with a password, and hands it over to Colonel, who has arrived in Morocco. Iram finds out Vinod is a RAW agent, both agree to work together to prevent the nuclear device from falling into the wrong hands. ‘Colonel’ captures Ruby and asks her to reveal the whereabouts of Agent Vinod. Vinod is attacked and admitted to a hospital. He clears his way out of the hospital to find Iram. ‘Colonel’, now having the detonator reaches Riga, Latvia to acquire the bomb.

Colonel enlists Iram help his men to transport the bomb out of Latvia and tries to kill her, but fails. Vinod and Iram join hands and try to capture the Colonel and the bomb. Iram and Vinod reach Karachi. There, they learn of plot to smuggle the nuclear device from Karachi into India via the sea route and learn that the target of the bomb is New Delhi. They make it to New Delhi and try to locate the bomb. Iram runs into ‘Colonel’, and is shot, but points him out to Indian security forces, who kill him. Eventually, Vinod tracks down the bomb and takes the bomb up in a helicopter to detonate it as far away from the city as possible. Iram realises the set password to the detonator and asks Vinod to try the name of Kazan’s camel-“Zilleh”.

The bomb is defused, but Iram dies of gunshot wounds. Realizing that they have been manipulated into almost starting a war with India, the Lashkar-e-Toiba sends a suicide bomber to assassinate Metla at a function in his honour. Metla is killed, but posthumously feted as a great philanthropist On a beach in Cape Town, the beautiful Russian girl who first acquired the nuclear device is seen sunbathing. She looks up to find Agent Vinod smiling at her. It is apparent Vinod has moved on to his next mission.

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