Adipurush (2023) 720p + 1080p AMZN WEB-DL x265 10bit HEVC Multi Audio [Hindi + Tamil + Telugu + Kannada + Malayalam] DDP 5.1

Adipurush (2023) 720p + 1080p AMZN WEB-DL x265 10bit HEVC Multi Audio [Hindi + Tamil + Telugu + Kannada + Malayalam] DDP 5.1

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Adipurush Plot

Thousands of years ago, the rakshasa king of LankaLankesh, obtained a boon from Brahma, the god of creation, with which he cannot be slain by the gods or demons, during day or night, thus making him invincible. Elsewhere, many years afterwards in the kingdom of AyodhyaKing Dashratha of Kosala, exiles his son, Raghava for 14 years to fulfil his promise to his wife, Kaikeyi, Raghava’s stepmother, that their son, Bharat, would ascend the throne. Raghava accepts the exile and leaves for the wilderness in the forests of Panchavati, near the river Godavari, alongside his wife, Janaki, and brother, Shesh.

Lankesh’s sister, the rakshasi Shurpanakha, tries to seduce Raghava into marrying her and attempts to take Janaki’s life, but after a failed attempt, she ends up with a disfigured nose. Upon hearing of his sister’s humiliation, he sends one of his henchmen, disguised as a golden deer, to distract both Raghava and Shesh. Lankesh proceeds to abduct Janaki, after hearing of her beauty from Shurpanakha. Raghava and Shesh set out to free and rescue Janaki with the help of the Vanara king, Sugriva, his aides, JambavanAngad, and Bajrang, along with the Vanarasena. Raghava asks Bajrang to go to Lanka and instil confidence in Janaki, of his eventual arrival to Lanka. He flies to Lanka and lets Janaki know of her impending rescue. However, he is captured by Lankesh’s son, Indrajit. His tail is set ablaze by him, but Bajrang proceeds to fly and destroy a portion of Lanka, before flying back to Raghava and the vanarasena.

With the help of Varuna, the god of the sky, oceans, and seas, Raghava and the vanarasena create a bridge across the sea to Lanka. Raghava and his army successfully cross the ocean to reach the shores of Lanka. Meanwhile, Lankesh’s brother, Vibhishana, is forced to leave Lanka because he had opposed Lankesh’s decision to abduct Janaki. Vibhishana joins the ranks of Raghava’s army and becomes his sworn ally. Lankesh is given a final ultimatum of bringing Janaki back to Raghava, but rejects it, paving the way to a skirmish. During the skirmish, Shesh is mortally wounded by Indrajit. However, with the help of the sanjivani mountain brought back by Bajrang, they are able to revive and cure him.

They embark on war at Lankesh’s palace, attacking in three separate directions at the same time. The first attack is led by Sugriva and Jambavan, along with the vanarasena at the entrance of Lankesh’ palace. Because of the advanced artillery and weaponry available at Lankesh’s disposal, many vanaras are slain. However, the tide turns with Raghava providing air support, with the help of Bajrang. The second attack is led by Shesh, Vibhishana, and Angad to kill Indrajit. Shesh proceeds to attack Indrajit; though he is stabbed by him, he successfully kills him. The two attacks are successful in overpowering Lankesh’s army. The third attack is initiated, where Kumbhakarna is awoken from his deep slumber. Raghava and Shesh successfully kill him when he overpowers Bajrang. With no other option left, Lankesh decides to enter the battlefield.

The final battle takes place where Raghava manages to subdue and kill Lankesh, after coming to the realisation that Lankesh can only be slain in between day and night; Janaki is set free. Raghava, Shesh and Janaki complete their 14-year-long exile and return back to Kosala, where Raghava is crowned as the king of Ayodhya, with Janaki as his queen.


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