3 Idiots 2009 Hindi BluRay 720p + 1080p

3 Idiots 2009 Hindi BluRay 720p + 1080p

Download 3 Idiots 2009 BluRay 720p + 1080p

Download 3 Idiots BluRay 720p + 1080p

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3 Idiots Movie Plot

In their first year of college, students Farhan Qureshi and Raju Rastogi join the prestigious Imperial College of Engineering (ICE) in Delhi and meet Ranchhoddas Shamaldas Chanchad (“Rancho”), their roommate. Rancho is passionate about experimenting and consequently tops the class. Rancho’s playful attitude to engineering puts him at odds with the rigid approach of the college’s director, Dr. Viru Sahastrabuddhe (nicknamed “Virus” by the students).

When a student named Joy Lobo is denied graduation by Virus on the ground of failure to submit a project, Rancho tries to finish Joy’s project. Joy commits suicide before he can show it to him. Rancho confronts Virus about the extreme pressure placed on ICE students, but is rudely rebuffed. One night, the trio gatecrashes a wedding party, not knowing that it is for Virus’s daughter Mona. Mona’s younger sister, Pia, is initially upset by Rancho’s behaviour, but is attracted to him after he pranks her materialistic boyfriend Suhas to demonstrate his obsession with money and status. Pia breaks up with Suhas after he scolds her for wearing a cheap watch which belonged to her mother. An infuriated Virus warns Farhan and Raju about the effects of them being friends with Rancho by pointing out the modest financial situations of their families, scaring Raju into bunking with Chatur “Silencer” Ramalingam, a competitive and arrogant Tamil student who believes in learning by rote memorisation but is not fluent in Hindi. To teach Chatur a lesson about memorisation, Rancho and Farhan secretly make obscene modifications to an all-Hindi Teachers Day speech that Chatur is to deliver in honour of a visit by the Minister of Education. Humiliated and furious, Chatur challenges Rancho to meet in ten years and see who is more successful. The night before their final exams, Raju’s paralyzed father experiences a heart attack. With Pia’s help, Rancho rushes Raju’s father to the hospital on Pia’s scooter. Raju is initially furious at Rancho, but upon realising that Rancho saved his father’s life, Raju reconciles with him. At the end of the year, Rancho comes first in the class, while Farhan and Raju are last and second to last, respectively. During the yearly class photo, Virus makes a bet with Rancho that if either Raju or Farhan gets a job from on-campus interviews, Virus will shave his moustache.

One night in their fourth year of college, Rancho tells his friends why they consistently place last: Farhan’s passion is photography, not engineering, and Raju lacks self-confidence. After Farhan and Raju promise to confront their problems if Rancho confesses his feelings for Pia, the three of them drunkenly break into Virus’ house, and while exfiltrating, Farhan and Raju drunkenly urinate on his letterbox. Virus notices Raju and threatens to rusticate him unless he witnesses against Rancho. Not willing to disappoint his family and betray his friends, Raju attempts suicide but survives, leading Virus to revoke the expulsion. Raju recovers, thanks to the support and care of his friends and family. Raju is successful in a job interview, while Farhan convinces his father to let him become a photographer.

Raju’s success in getting a job sees Virus’ moustache being shaved, thus losing his bet with Rancho. Humiliated and furious, Virus then tries to destroy Raju’s chances of success by setting an unfairly difficult exam. With Pia’s help, Rancho and Farhan break into Virus’ office and steal the exam paper. Upon being given the paper, Raju refuses to cheat and throws it away, but the three of them are caught and expelled. Pia later confronts her father over her brother’s suicide, which was prompted by similar pressure placed on him by Virus. That night, during a heavy rainstorm, a pregnant Mona goes into labour. Unable to drive to a hospital, Rancho modifies a vacuum cleaner into a ventouse and delivers the baby with the help of Pia, Farhan, and Raju. A grateful Virus acknowledges Rancho by giving him a valuable Space Pen, which he promised to give only to his most distinguished student, and revokes the trio’s expulsions. On graduation day, Rancho suddenly disappears.

Ten years later, Chatur, now the prosperous vice-president of a reputable company in California, calls Farhan and Raju to remind them of the bet he made with Rancho about who would be more successful. Meeting up, the three of them set out to find Rancho. Upon reaching Shimla, where Chatur has located Rancho’s house, they come across a different man named Ranchhoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad, whose face is pasted over Rancho’s in their graduation portrait. The man is reluctant to reveal anything at first and threatens the trio at gunpoint, only relenting after Farhan and Raju threaten to flush his late father’s ashes down a toilet. He explains that the “Rancho” at ICE was his family’s gardener’s son “Chhote”, who was incredibly intelligent and gifted. Ranchhoddas’ father paid for Chhote to attend ICE, on the condition that he use his son’s name and, after graduating, cut all contact with anyone at ICE. Chhote, who was more interested in learning than in getting a degree, agreed, but afterwards warned that two idiots would come looking for him one day. Ranchoddas tells the trio that he is grateful for what Chhote did, and gives them Chhote/Rancho’s address in Ladakh. On the way there, Farhan and Raju gatecrash Pia’s wedding to Suhas in Manali and convince her to come with them to find Rancho.

At the address in Ladakh, the group is astonished to find a thriving school. They reunite with “Millimetre”, formerly an errand boy whom they met at ICE, now Rancho’s assistant, who tells them that Rancho has keenly followed their careers. They reunite with Rancho on a sandbar near the Pangong Lake. Rancho admits he is still in love with Pia and the two share a kiss. Chatur, who assumes that Rancho is only a mere schoolteacher, mocks him and takes Virus’ pen from him. After being asked about his real name, Rancho reveals himself to be Phunsukh Wangdu, a successful scientist and entrepreneur with whom Chatur’s company is courting. Chatur, shocked that Rancho is Phunsukh Wangdu, accepts defeat as the others run away from him laughing.

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