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Chandramukhi 2 (2023)

Ranganayaki, the matriarch of a wealthy family, navigates through a series of misfortunes alongside her family members. Her household includes her elder brother Suresh Menon, his son Ravi Mariya with his family, her younger brother Vignesh and his family. She also has 4 daughters out of which Gayathri, Priya & Divya live with her. The family faces a major setback when her elder daughter elopes and is later tragically killed in a plane crash along with her spouse. Further calamities include a mysterious fire at the family’s factory and Divya getting paralyzed in a car accident, which postpones her engagement.

Seeking solutions, Ranganayaki consults their family astrologer, Guruji, who advises a prayer at their ancestral temple in Vettaiyapuram. The prayer requires the presence of the entire family, including the deceased elder daughter’s orphaned children, who are now under Pandiyan’s care. Although hesitant, the family follows Guruji’s advice and heads to Vettaiyapuram.

Upon arrival, they lease the Vettaiyapuram Palace for 48 days from its new caretakers, Murugesan and Senthil’s uncle, and move in despite Murugesan’s warning against venturing into the southern part of the palace. Curiosity leads Priya into the forbidden area, where she unwittingly releases the spirit of Chandramukhi from a rangoli. Meanwhile, the family discovers their temple in ruins.

Pandiyan takes on the task of cleaning the temple, but an unfortunate turn of events leads to a fire breaking out within the temple premises. This fire inadvertently unleashes the spirit of Vettaiyan, much to the dismay of Chandramukhi, causing a wave of chaos to sweep through the palace. Upon his return, Pandiyan shares the unnerving news with the family that Chandramukhi has possessed one of the women in the household. Murugesan reveals that a similar incident had occurred 17 years prior. When Guruji arrives, Murugesan elaborates on Ganga’s previous psychological affliction, where she imagined herself as Chandramukhi. However, now, the real Chandramukhi has been unleashed, escalating the threat.

The family then proceeds to Vettaiyan’s courtroom, a significant location where Ramachandra Achariyar, along with Saravanan, had previously exorcised Ganga. Upon inspection, Guruji discerns that someone had already entered the forbidden room, thereby unleashing Chandramukhi’s spirit for real. Initial suspicions fall on Priya due to her earlier explorations, but it’s soon revealed that Divya is the one possessed. A miraculous event follows as Divya regains her ability to walk, which elates her but leaves the family in distress. Guruji explains that Divya’s possession was facilitated by a bead from Chandramukhi’s anklet that she had worn, as she had a penchant for collecting antiques.

In a twist of fate, Pandiyan stumbles upon a secret room below Vettaiyan’s room and becomes possessed. Divya, under the possession of Chandramukhi, attempts to harm Ranganayaki and her niece and nephew, but her attempts are thwarted.

Delving into the past, Guruji learns from a sage about the bitter enmity between Vettaiyan and Chandramukhi. Sengottaiyan, who was a commander in King Vettaiyan’s army, had conquered the Vijayanagara Kingdom and was smitten by a dancer named Chandramukhi, whom he forcibly took to Vettaiyapuram. When King Vettaiyan too becomes enamored with Chandramukhi’s beauty, it ignites a confrontation between him and Sengottaiyan, resulting in Vettaiyan’s beheading. Subsequently, Sengottaiyan proclaims himself as king, adopting the name Vettaiyan. Despite her pleas about her love for Gunasekaran, Vettaiyan keeps Chandramukhi captive. In a tragic event, Gunasekhar is beheaded by Vettaiyan and Chandramukhi is burnt alive. However, she returns as a vengeful ghost, tormenting Vettaiyan to the point of despair. Unable to bear the torment, Vettaiyan retreats to his secret room, eventually meeting his end through a fatal snake bite. Through the sage, Pandiyan learns that he became possessed by Vettaiyan after sitting on his throne.

As the narrative reaches its climax, a fierce battle unfolds between Divya (possessed by Chandramukhi) and Pandiyan (possessed by Vettaiyan). In a sacrificial act, the sage intervenes to save Pandiyan and puts an end to Chandramukhi’s reign of terror. Guruji later reveals to Pandiyan that the sage had collected Chandramukhi’s ashes and sealed them in her portrait. The sage, who was cursed by Chandramukhi to be beheaded only by her, saw this as an opportunity to end his curse and willingly sacrificed himself to cease the torment.

With the spirits laid to rest, Ranganayaki’s family finally performs the prayer at their deity temple. Upon completing the prayer, the family departs from the palace with Pandiyan. The ordeal concludes on a hopeful note as Pandiyan reunites with Lakshmi, marking an end to the family’s harrowing yet enlightening journey.

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