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Band Baaja Baaraat (2010)

Shruti is a final-year college student who wants to start a wedding-planning business. Bittoo, also in the same college, wants to avoid becoming a farmer like the rest of his family. He begs Shruti to let him work with her, so he can put off going back home after graduation. Shruti agrees, on the condition that they keep their relationship strictly professional, never trying to get romantically involved. Together, they start a company called ‘Shaadi Mubarak’ (lit. Happy Wedding), which manages weddings for clients in Delhi. Soon, their business becomes a success with a steady stream of local, middle-class clients.

Bittoo wants to break into a higher market segment, so they pitch their company to a young couple, who are looking to have a typical, Indian-style “loud” wedding. Their parents, who are industrialists, are harder to convince, but they agree to hire Bittoo and Shruti for the event. The wedding becomes a huge success, and Bittoo and Shruti throw a party to celebrate. Guests drink into the late hours of the night. They slowly depart leaving Bittoo and Shruti alone with each other. Drunk from the night’s events, they end up sleeping together, something that Bittoo immediately regrets. He is worried about the fallout this will have on their work-relationship, and is afraid Shruti might fall in love with him. He starts being awkward around Shruti, who brings up the topic. After discussing the encounter with each other, they agree to return to their original no-romance policy, and go about planning their next wedding.

The event goes off well in typical Shaadi Mubarak style, but Shruti is still irked over Bittoo having treated her as a one-night stand. She yells at him and asks to break up the business. The next day, Bittoo leaves Shaadi Mubarak and sets up his own rival company. The two go about growing their respective businesses, taking turns to sabotage the other. Slowly, their reputations suffer as clients start to complain. Their debts grow as disgruntled clients are unwilling to pay. Despite all of this, neither is willing to make peace with the other. A few months later, Shruti and Bittoo are both called to a joint meeting with a wealthy client, who wants his daughter’s wedding planned by Shaadi Mubarak. He is not interested in their separate companies, but is willing to offer them the job if they work together. With business prospects drying up, they agree to do so for one event, and hire a team to plan the wedding.

The initial ceremonies go off smoothly, but Bittoo notices that Shruti seems distracted. He soon finds out that she has agreed to marry a groom chosen for her by her parents, for whom she will leave her business and move to another country. He confronts her, causing them to argue again. This time, Shruti slaps him and calls him immature. Bittoo finally realizes that he loves her, and that he drove her away when he treated their night together as a casual encounter. He calls up her fiancé and tells him everything, knowing he will convey this to Shruti. When Shruti finds out that Bittoo loves her as well, she calls off her engagement. The two agree to permanently work together again, and end up getting married. Their wedding, planned for them by themselves, takes place in typical Shaadi Mubarak fashion.

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